I Like Bamboo Pens

8 Feb
Panda Pen

Panda Pen Offers Six Color Accents

Got to tell you, I am really starting to like writing with bamboo pens.

I have been using the Kiva Ballpoint for about five months now –  it seems I use whatever pen I find in the office until I lose it – and I really like the feel of the bamboo in the hand. So when we got the new Panda Pen from Hit Promo I decided to take it for a test drive. I like it.

The Hit Promo Panda Pen is not an expensive pen, it runs around $0.55 EQP with one color imprint and $0.85 for laser engrave. That price puts it in line with the recycled paper barrel pens everyone seems to gravitate to when they think eco-pen, and which I do not like because the paper barrel always seems to snap when I sit down with the pen in my pocket. Plus you cannot stir your coffee with a paper barrel pen.

The Panda Pen offers a great promo pen idea for arborists, nurseries, anyone doing bamboo flooring or fences, even the local sushi house, maybe packaged with a coupon and set of bamboo chopsticks.

It is also a great idea for spa and other leisure activities because as a material bamboo is more natural to the touch, I would even say more calming to the touch, than plastic or metal pens. Bamboo just feels good.

I also like the way bamboo takes a logo impression, as a grass with the character of a wood, artwork can be directly laser engraved onto a bamboo pen’s body.

The Panda Pen is a plunger pen design and comes with black ink. The pen’s nub to plunger size is 5 ½” H with an imprint area of 1 ¾” W x ⅝” H with silk-screen, and  1 ¼” W x ⅛” with laser engrave. The plastic color accents on the Panda Pen are made from recycled materials which are marked with a very subtle recycled symbol. So minus the spring, ink tube, and nib, this pen is all recycled or sustainable materials.

For $0.55 EQP I really do not know of a better sustainable pen on the market. Great job Hit of making an affordable bamboo writer.

The Panda Pen is part of the HitGreen line. If you are a promotional items distributor looking for more information on the HitGreen line and the Panda Pen contact Chris Platt at Hit Promotional Products.

If you are interested in HitGreen and Panda Pens to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information, pricing, and samples.

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