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As the owner of the promotional consultancy Proforma Green Marketing, I have confronted the truth that the world sometimes perceives marketing as a wasteful practice, often rightly so. However, marketing is still essential in every business. At Proforma Green Marketing we try to teach businesses that from uniforms to printing needs, to promotional products to packaging, the industry is changing and there is likely a green solution out there to fit every audience and budget.

Proforma Green Marketing offers a wide variety of both traditional and eco-friendly promotional solutions, including apparel, promotional items, printing service, ecommerce solutions, and multimedia support.  Regarding our eco-friendly philosophy, it is the goal of Proforma Green Marketing to educate the public about the many print and promotional item solutions available for businesses and organizations wishing to go green, to show that businesses do have eco-friendly options – from clothing to printing to promotional items – to meet any business need.

For that reason most of this site is dedicated to information on eco-friendly solutions.

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John Simonetta
Owner – Proforma Green Marketing
Member ASI Counselor Magazine 2010 Hot List
Member ASI 2011 Marketing, PR & Industry Research Board

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