Recycled Cowhide?

6 Feb

Buffed Leather Coaster In Clean View Tin
Buffed Leather Coaster In Clean View Tin

Senator Promotional Group is well known for pens, indeed they are an industry leader for writing instruments, and although their line does not carry as many eco-friendly names as Shepenco, they do offer a handful of recycled and corn plastic pens like the $0.39 Super Hit Eco and Nature Plus.

What is not expected when browsing the Senator Promotional Group catalog is locating recycled cowhide among their offerings. But that is exactly what you get in the Buffed Leather Large Coaster.

So what makes this recycled cowhide? Actually a pretty cool story.

The leather in these coasters is not so much recycled in the new sense of the word – i.e. remade from reclaimed materials – but actually reclaimed materials themselves. The Buffed Leather Coasters are actually made out of post industrial scrap leather, specifically the leather from the center of an axle gasket used in large scale machinery.

And what is the gain – aside from a neat story?  Well according to Senator, “utilizing this scrap leather for leather coasters prevents tons of leather scrap from being discarded in landfills in the USA”. How many tons? Senator did not say.

It is not easy getting rough and ready leather items classified as recycled materials, and it is also rare to locate recycled material promo items that would work on the bar at the Hunter Brothers’ H3 bar, but there it is in the Senator catalog.

The imprint area on the Buffed Leather Coaster is 3-3/8″ and includes the option of  branding the logo into the leather. As a natural leather item, colors of natural leather and imprint will vary. Senator carries a large and medium version of these coaster.

If you are a promotional items distributor looking for more information on the Buffed Leather Coaster, or more information about their sourcing, contact Shaun Jex at Senator Promotional Group. If you are interested in the Buffed Leather Large Coaster to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information, pricing, and samples.

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