Notes from Ecofest Arlington

19 Sep

Ecofest Arlington

This weekend was the third Ecofest Arlington, hosted by the City of Arlington Texas, which the city promotes as a “free, family oriented event, [which] helps build a sense of community, stimulates environmental awareness, and promotes stewardship across North Texas”. Bascially it is just a lot of good fun, good music, and good food.

The two biggest draws at this year’s event where likely the class on building your own rain barrel and certainly the tree give away.

This year, instead of using plant containers or bags for the small trees, the city decided to use a reusable, dishwasher safe, and recyclable custom printed cup from Visstun.

The tagline for Visstun is “visually stunning cups” and they totally lived up to their reputation on this product. The cups were printed with a full color wrap which included the Ecofest logo, plus information on tree planting and welfare, and QR codes for more information on planting trees in North Texas. So instead of a simple plastic, throw away bag, each tree came with one of these great, yet practical, reusable souvenirs.

Take a look at the video.


If you are an ASI distributor looking for knock out cups talk to Joe Davis at Visstun. If you are interested in Hi-def Visstun Reusable Clear Plastic Cups to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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