Apollo USA Brings Color to Eco Blankets

14 Sep

The many colors of the ECO Blanket #ECO-FB

Come the cold, eco jackets are nice, but a super snuggly, one-size-fits-all blanket is really hard to beat.

Blankets work for all age groups and occasions. Blankets work as promotional items, employee recognition and corporate gifts. And regardless of your purpose, it seems the new line up of ECO Fleece blankets from Apollo USA has a color to match your every occasion and branding need.

Indeed the 100% recycled polyester, 50″ x 60″ Apollo #ECO-FB ECO Blanket is available in seven colors including black, blue, brown, burgundy, khaki, rust, and sage. This range of colors makes the blankets easy to bundle with thermos mugs, stadium seats, and other popular Fall and Winter program items.

Blankets also easily lend themselves to programs that focus on security, health, and home based services. Think of how many industries go to market with the simple phrase “We’ve got you covered” (health)(insurance)(social media) and (software sales).

Really, if the aim of promotional items is to take your brand into the home of your target audience, there is really nothing that says home like a blanket. And if your brand or message has a focus on sustainability, then an ECO Fleece blanket from Apollo USA is really the best way to go.

If you are ASI and wish to learn more about these products contact Apollo customer service. If you are interested in eco blankets to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

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