Visstun: Second Time, Same Charm

19 Oct

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At ECOFEST ARLINGTON 2012 the City of Arlington once again used Hi-def Visstun Reusable Clear Plastic Cups, the Made in USA, recyclable, reusable, top shelf dishwasher safe, #1 promotional cup solution, to help promote their event.

This time however, instead of talking trees, the cups were designed to promote the City of Arlington’s use of the Water Monster portable water system.

The City of Arlington Water Monster holds 125 gallons of fresh City water, which is the equivalent of 1000 plastic water bottles. So in essence each time the Water Monster is used, refilled, and used again, the City of Arlington keeps 1000 plastic water bottles out of the local landfill.

How do I know this? Because the City of Arlington Water Monster cup explained to the crowds at ECOFEST the benefits of using the City of Arlington Water Monster and also communicated information about the high quality of water in the City of Arlington – the  Arlington Water Utilities Department has won awards for their water quality and other achievements – and also provided information on how to contact the Department with questions about City water.

Indeed Visstun USA made recyclable and reusable Hi-def drinkware is the perfect platform for communicating, via a promotional product, at an event like ECOFEST, and the tie-in between the cup and the Water Monster worked perfectly as the City communicated to its citizens the event’s sustainable message. Visstun cups are just not like your normal stadium cups. With 100% of their surface area available for full color imprint, I encourage marketers to think of these cups as an information platform, more than a simple drinking vessel.

And remember, we are talking about an event held in Texas. Free water was a great way to help build the community goodwill aspect of ECOFEST that the city was going for, as well as cooling down the crowds and minimizing trash from bottles at this sustainability focused event. I spent about an hour next to the Water Monster at the event, attending to other matters, and it seemed every few minutes someone was saying something about how great it was that the event was providing free water – and the free cups – to the crowd. It was amazing.


For more information on the Water Monster portable water system check them out online at

If you are an ASI distributor looking for knock out cups talk to Joe Davis at Visstun. If you are interested in Hi-def Visstun Reusable Clear Plastic Cups to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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