All-In-One Lowers Cost On Eco Max Recycled Pen™

30 Jan

Eco Max Recycled Pen™

Like other promotional items suppliers, for 2010 All-In-One is both reducing costs on their eco-friendly line while also increasing the number of eco related items in their inventory.

For me this is another sign of the marketplace getting what it wants when it comes to eco-friendly promotional items, namely more choice and lower prices.

A stand out here is the Eco Max Recycled Pen™. Eco Max Recycled Pen™ is a click style pen with a 100% recycled plastic barrel and an EQP price of just $0.36 with one color imprint.

This is nearly a $0.10 reduction on the 2009 price of the Eco Max, but other than price, nothing else has changed, it is still the same sturdy unit. With over 5 billion pens sold a year in the USA, this is a great, basic place to start to green the office.

Eco Grip Recycled Pen™

As a variation on this theme All-in-One line also offers the Eco Grip Recycled Pen™ at EQP $0.46, which has a contour-molded plastic grip section. Again, a good sturdy pen.

The Eco Max Recycled Pen™ and Eco Grip Recycled Pen™ are both samples of the new generation of plastic pens made from recycled content. In that respect they are taking materials out of landfills. However these pens are not themselves recyclable, nor are they biodegradable.

If you are an ASI member Steve Smidt is the contact to talk to at All-in-One. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

One Response to “All-In-One Lowers Cost On Eco Max Recycled Pen™”

  1. zsa zsa February 4, 2010 at 12:04 AM #

    This is nice, I want one! Although I love technology and can easily take down notes using gadgets, I still love holding a pen in my hand and writing down little notes! This pen would go well with the notebook I always carry with me that’s made of recycled paper!

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