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Gund Bears are Kid Safe

13 Feb

CTG900 Baby Bear

First, there is nothing particularly sustainable about Gund stuffed animals.

They not made from recycled materials, they do not have organic cotton stuffing. The reason I wanted to talk about Gund bears –  available to ASI via Vitronic Promotional Group –  on this blog is because I recently found out that these bears at child safe, to age ZERO. This is not something Vitronic mentions on their website. Perhaps it is something Gund just assumes people know about their products. But it is very, very important.

You see, in our industry there are a lot of items out there – including stuffed animals and rubber duckies – that look a lot like toys, but are not toys, by which I mean they are totally not child safe.

If you are running a program like the one done by the San Antonio Police Department’s “Teddy Bear Program” (stuffed animals are handed out to children who have either witnessed or been a victim of a crime to provide them comfort during a difficult time) or one of the many programs where bears are handed out in hospital settings, for example, it is a really good idea to make sure those bears are kid safe. (At ASI we all remember the Shrek glasses incident.)

If items are being given to children – moving past the whole targeting kids with marketing question – at a minimum you need to make sure that those items are actually safe for children. Both to protect the children and to protect your own marketing effort. And if your are looking for stuffed animals, I really suggest you take a look at Gund.


But do not take my word for the Gund safety standards, contact Vitronic Promotional Group and request documentation on these bears. If you are ASI and want to talk about Gund for your next project, contact Rory Campbell at Vitronic Promotional Group. If you are interested in the Gund bears to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

Eco ‘brella Sets Higher Bar

23 Jun

The new FT818 totes® Eco ‘brella™ Auto Open/Close Umbrella from Vitronic Promotional Group in my view is raising the standard for eco-friendly tote umbrellas.

The Eco ‘brella boasts a canopy made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles and a frame made of 70% recycled materials. The fabric is also certified free of environmentally harmful substances.

Accents on the Eco ‘brella™ include bamboo handles and a standard single panel and tie strap printed with the “70% Recycled” message so your target audience is aware of the umbrella’s pedigree.

In addition the Eco ‘brella™ is a totes® unit, and therefor comes with the totes® lifetime warranty. The totes® brand allows you to go green and still stay with a “known” industry brand.

As I have mentioned before, the umbrella might be an overlooked idea in the promotional items market, however it must be said that umbrellas offer a large, highly visable graphics area, and are practical as giveaways, since a quality umbrella is often an item that is held on to for years. The canopy on the FT818 totes® Eco ‘brella™ Auto Open/Close Umbrella is 44in, which is a nice little billboard for your target audience to carry around for you.

The imprint area on the Eco ‘brella™ is a respectable 5in x 4in x 5 1/2in.  Standard coloring includes the grass motif, blue panels, and black panels. The cost of this unit is a bit of a premium, with one color imprint EQP pricing running $19.15, which is a bit higher than a traditonal totes® Auto Open/Close Umbrella, which runs at EQP $12.15.

The Eco ‘brella™ would work well as a giveaway or even branding tool for businesses working in the hotel and travel industries, as well as a nice item for corporate retreats. A good umbrella is hard to come by, so a quality umbrella like the Eco ‘brella™ from Vitronic Promotional Group is a great way to provide a functional branded promotional item that will stay with your target audience for a lifetime. I mentioned the warranty, right :)?

If you are an ASI member Rory Campbell is the contact to talk to at Vitronic Promotional Group. If you are interested in the Eco ‘brella™ to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

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