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Smencil Company Doing Pens

30 May

Smencil rolls sheets of recycled newspaper to form cylinders that serve as the bodies of the pens.

[I wrote a blog on the Smencil back in 2008. Just got an email from Smencil, apparently there have been a lot of changes lately including direct imprinting and new pens. I am waiting for samples to test out. Here is the email for Smencil, expect some new product review in the near future.]

Hello John,

I am writing to you in regards the review that you did on our company, the Smencil Company. I had noticed that you mentioned that at the time we did not offer imprinting directly on the pencils. I wanted to let you know that now we do!

Also, we now have Smens. They are pens made with gourmet scented recycled newspaper barrels that serve as the bodies of the pens. The plastic components are made with biodegradable plastics. These can also be customized directly on the barrel of the pen or on the sticker on the top cap of the pen.

As far as our freshness tubes go, the reason we put them in the tubes is because you purchase the product in a bucket of 50 with a variety of scents. We include the freshness tube so the scents do not rub off on each other. The freshness tubes are made with corn based biodegradable plastics.

I know that the review was written in 2008 and with the new products and product imprint changes, I wanted to see if I could send you some samples to see if you would like to review our product(s) again.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and Have a Nice Day,

Michelle S.

The Smencil Company
8640 Argent Street
Santee, CA 92071



28 Jul

What do you get when you combine recycled newspapers, #2 graphite and the breezy scent of bubble gum. Well of course that would be a Smencil.

Smencil brand pencils are one of the best ideas we have seen for getting kids and teens excited about recycling and thinking green. They are very easy to understand and the kids love them.

Smencils start as old newspaper tightly rolled around a #2 graphite writing core until pencils of typical thickness are formed. Then they’re hardened – allowing them to be sharpened just like wood pencils.

Next they are soak with gourmet liquid scents and once dried the erasers are attached and stickers are applied around each unit to identify which scent was infused into each Smencil.

Lastly, each Smencil is put into its own Freshness Tube. Scents are guaranteed to last up to two years, in or out or their tubes.

For the promotional items industry, custom Smencils come in buckets of 50 (5 each of the 10 scents) but your can get your own directly from the company at http://www.smencils.com/ without logo.

Again I think Smencils are great (at the 2008 City of Plano Green Expo they handed out 500 units in less than 90 minutes, such was the demand from the crowd). However, this young company currently has two flaws that we can see.

First – again currently – the logos are placed on the Smencils with stickers, not written into the material like traditional wooden pencils would be branded. Smencils is working on a method of branding the units, but no word yet.

Second, the Freshness Tube seems to be a bit of overkill and not particularly eco-friendly. We would like to see the Smencil packaged in a more green material, perhaps a simple wrap in recycled paper or a cigar like tube made from recycled cardboard. Of course you can always ask that your custom Smencils be shipped without their tubes.

For more on Smencils vist their website www.smencils.com or contact us at www.proformagreen.com.

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