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SanMar USA Made Port & Company Tee Shirts

26 Jul

SanMar is getting into the Made in the USA tee shirt business as well. This flyer just came to the office.

SanMar Port & Company USA Made tee shirts

If you are an ASI member contact SanMar directly about their USA line, Mindy Sanders is a good contact.  If you are interested in printing USA made tee shirts to promote your own business or event, contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

Color Comes to Organic Shirts Part II

30 Apr

SanMar is likely one of the the largest manufacturers of apparel for the promotional products market and their Port Authority brand is nearly ubiquitous. Really if you are wearing a company polo right now, look at the label. Good chance it will read Port Authority.

SanMar is now adding some color to their line of bamboo and organic cotton polos with the introduction of their Port Authority Bamboo Charcoal Birdseye Jacquard Sport Shirts and Port Authority 100% Organic Cotton Sport Shirts.

The Port Authority® 100% Organic Cotton Sport Shirt comes in men’s and women’s adult sizes XS-4XL and the colors Blueberry, Lemon, Navy, Spring Green and White.

From the SanMar website; “Crafted from certified organic cotton, this sport shirt is soft, comfortable and gentle on the environment. Unlike standard cotton, our certified organic cotton has been grown without harsh chemicals for an uncompromising distinction you can feel.” Like the Organic Cotton Pique Polos from Vantage Apparel these shirts are generally a step up in quality from standard cotton polos. EQP on the Port Authority® 100% Organic Cotton Sport Shirt is $25.98.

The Port Authority® Bamboo Charcoal Birdseye Jacquard Sport Shirt is something new for SanMar. With exceptional breath-ability and softness, the shirt is knit with bamboo charcoal to help regulate body temperature, wick moisture, fight bacteria and inhibit odor. According to the SanMar website the shirt also “resists UV rays to help keep you protected and comfortable”.

EQP on this shirt is $29.88. The shirt is actually a 53/47 polyester/polyester from bamboo charcoal blend, and comes in men’s and women’s sizes XS–4XL.

The range of eco-shirts at SanMar is not nearly as great as the range at Ash City, which has a target to make 50% of their line eco-friendly {see video}.

But these are Port Authority shirts which again are arguably the best known shirts in the promotional items industry. This means it will be easier for a company to switch from traditional shirts to eco-friendly shirts because nothing really changes in terms of quality, cut, or color.

For those Ecopreneurists out there looking for shirts for the office these polos are certainly worth a look. I also encourage those of you that are Ecopreneurists at heart working for others to make your organizations aware that professional looking, stylish, eco-friendly apparel is a real option for corporate attire.

If you are an ASI distributor Mindy Sanders at SanMar can answer any questions on these polos, for example if the dying process on them is also eco-friendly. If you need pricing on Port Authority shirts for your own business contact your local promotional items dealer or email info@proformagreen.com.

Price Drop For Organic Cotton? Maybe. SanMar Takes Aim at AshCity Green Line

25 Sep

This is a guest post by John Simonetta, owner of ProformaGreen, an eco-friendly promotional items consultancy. John’s blogs are designed to keep us up to date on the “greening” of his industry.

SanMar, one of the largest shirt manufacturers in the US, just got into the eco-friendly apparel game in a big way.

The SanMar green site at http://www.sanmar.com/Green.html boasts 27 items, many that are eco-friendly versions of their very popular Port Authority band.

Port Authority is normally ranked #1 or #2 in the promotional market industry for sales. It is the shirt most Proforma offices recommend to clients.

SanMar also is offering bamboo shirts but as yet does not seem to have a product to go up against the e.c.o. Fleece items from AshCity, however I suspect they will come out with something to compete in this area.

AshCity offers in-house embroidery services. SanMar does not (of course Proforma Green can embroider any item from any supplier).

What does all this mean for the Ecopreneurist? Continue reading

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