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Biodegradable Made In USA Mugs

6 Jul

Eco Ad Natural Plastic Commuter

This 4th of July week it is nice to remember that the good folks at QuickPoint are continuing their mission of providing earth friendly creations made with bio-polymers from renewable U.S. grown resources such as soy proteins or starch from potatoes, corn, wheat, tapioca or beets.

EcoAd™ line of promotional mugs from QuickPoint are reinforced with less than 5% synthetic polymers making them 100% biodegradable per ASTM standards.

The corn plastic and other materials used in their creation cannot be distinguished from petrochemical products, except of course at the end life, when EcoAd™ items biodegrade in the city composting facilities – and there are more and more of these programs as cities like San Francisco are putting in place mandatory composting rules.

Indeed an item like the EcoAd™ Natural Plastic Commuter from QuickPoint seems a great, dare I say natural, fit for any commuter city or company working on implementing a composting program. Custom printed with information about the program and contacts for more resources, this simple mug could serve as a daily reminder to compost waste, instead of sending that organic mater to the landfill.

And each EcoAd™ product is engraved with the EcoAd™  logo on the bottom of the mug, and comes with an additional removable EcoAd™ decal. Color options are five, including July 4th red, white, and blue, with the Corn Mug Commuter having a gloss finish whereas the EcoAd™ Natural Plastic Commuter has a subtler satin matte finish.

If you are a promotional items distributor looking for more information on QuickPoint items contact Duane Mayer.  If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing. 

Quickpoint Makes Your Client Healthier? Sure.

6 Apr


A fast search easily locates an article on just how icky cellphones can get, they seem to be a breeding ground for germs. In an office environment this is yucky, in a medical or childcare environment, it borders on very dangerous.

I will leave it to others to describe what all we can be carrying around on our phones; this is a blog on promotional items, a bit more mundane than medical science and prevention. Well at least it was.

Enter the SafeAd Cell Phone Pad from Quickpoint. This item is designed to protect your smartphone face from the growth of harmful germs and bacteria. Ok, how?

The SafeAd line from Quickpoint features something called AgION™ Antimicrobial Protection, which safely inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, yeast and fungus on the surface of products into which it has been incorporated. The idea is rather basic. AgION™ technology coats items with a crystallized powder that contains silver ions. These microscopic ions are released slowly over the life of the product and have a harmful effect on bacteria, i.e. they kill it.

The technology is approved by the EPA, and has been reviewed by the FDA. Quickpoint offers a much fuller explanation of what is actually going on at their website. Additional information can be located at the AgION™ site as well.

As a promotional item, the SafeAd Cell Phone Pad has a couple of natural audiences beyond the obvious use as a giveaway for phone retailers and manufacturers, specifically I would suggest to hospitals to add to current clean your hands programs, call centers or any other work environment where a lot of people share a small work area, and schools, with their large imprint area SafeAd Cell Phone Pad is a great medium on which to bring import school information for the incoming freshman class. Even better hand these out at the school clinic as part of your campus outreach program.

What else to say about the product besides it protects cell phones from the growth of harmful germs and bacteria? Well it is Made in USA, provides an anti-skid rubber base, protects the face of cell phones from scratches, gives great desktop advertising exposure boasting a 2-1/2” H x 4-1/2” W imprint area. Each unit comes poly bagged with instruction card.

Also, unlike Quickpoint’s mug, the SafeAd Cell Phone Pad is not defined by Quickpoint as a “green” promotional item.

If you are a promotional items distributor looking for more information on QuickPoint items contact Duane Mayer.  If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

QuickPoint Eco Trifecta

20 Jul

QuickPoint is currently marketing not one, not two, but three eco-friendly plastic product solutions, allowing the marketing professional a material choice that best fits their audience. And all three solutions come from U.S. grown materials.

The most famous of the three QuickPoint green lines is likely their NatureAd line. These are popular plastic items like the Eco-Logic Mug and Corn Mug Koffee Keg manufactured with all natural plastic based on renewable U.S. grown corn. Yes corn. Good to 140 degrees of your morning coffee, microwave safe, good old U.S.A Corn.

Using corn produces a product that is biodegradable over time (best results on decomposition found at municipal composting facilities), sturdy and cost effective. All items carry the MADE FROM 100% U.S. CORN PLASTIC seal. As a “is green more expensive metric,” pricing on the Corn Mug Koffee Keg is EQP $4.35. So quality to quality, the answer is no.

The second material in the QuickPoint lineup are items made with BioAd, which is a petroleum based plastic with the Bio Ad agent added to help the biodegrading process once items are placed in a landfill.  It takes longer to biodegrade (5 years)  because it is not all natural like the plant based products.  The Bio Ad ingredient is FDA approved and Prop 65 compliant and USA made.  Top sellers are items like the Pet Bowls and Trekker Mugs. The 22 oz. capacity BioAd Trekker Mugs is on year-long sale at EQP $2.89.

These products can take a lifetime of normal use, with the bio-degrading process only beginning when the products reach a landfill setting. Keep that difference in mind, NatureAd composting facility for best results, BioAd landfill setting for best results. If a client is concerned with end of life-cycle issues, these distinctions will matter.

Rounding out the Quickpoint green line is the ECOAd group of products. ECOAd items are also made from bio-polymers like the NatureAd line, but in this case the source material is soy proteins and starches from items like potatoes, wheat, tapioca, or beets.

These mugs and pens (currently there are only 4 items in this line – the Natural Plastic Koffee Keg, Natural Plastic Commuter, Eco grip pen and ECOAd Pen) are all made in the U.S.A and are 100% biodegradable (75% for pens) per ASTM standards. The commute friendly design of the Natural Plastic Commuter makes this item very popular with corporate programs, which I think is ironic as the communter is best suited to a car cup holder. The Natural Plastic Commuter runs EQP $4.99 until the end of 2010.

If you are a promotional items distributor looking for more information on QuickPoint items contact Duane Mayer. (You can also catch Tina in the BioAd video on Youtube.) If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

Videos From ASI Dallas

18 Feb

ASI is the Advertising Specialty Institute, the trade organization for the promotional products industry. This year at ASI DALLAS (one of several yearly ASI trade shows) I was joined by Brady Anderton of FUELED FILMS (http://fueldfilms.com/). Brady is working on a project related to the greening of the promotional products industry, so similar in topic to my writings here at ecopreneurist.com.

Since Brady is a film guy he didn’t take notes so much as have his team film me while we talked. What we ended up with was a kind of rambling dialogue about industry changes for 2010 and the evolution of green in promo.

I figured we would edit some of these conversations into more manageable bits and post some of the footage here. For more visit http://www.youtube.com/ProformaGreen.










If you are an ASI distributor talk to the vendors directly about these new items. Items seen are from AMERICANNA, ASH CITY, NUMO, LEEDS, QUICKPOINT, SHEPENCO. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items distributor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

Green Goes Pink for Breast Cancer

19 Aug

According to the American Cancer Society, there are now about 2.5 million breast cancer survivors living in the United States. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Indeed in 2009 the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month will being celebrating its 25th anniversary. I truly hope all readers can play some part in supporting local causes that are fighting this disease.

From a marketing standpoint the month of October will be filled with fundraisers, galas, funwalks and other awareness raising events in which companies and organizations are often asked to show their support through donations of time, resources, and yes promotional items.

Luckily the Ecopreneurist does have green options when it comes to going pink. Here are a few items to think about.


October is a cool, if not cold, month for much of the nation, so why not offer those walkers pink e.c.o. fleece jackets from Ash City?

The Ladies’ Recycled Polyester Fleece Full-Zip Jacket (75% recycled polyester/25% polyester) is a great lightweight jacket, perfect for awareness walks and other outside events. The 4.9 oz jacket has a full zipper, adjustable draw cord at hem, and Ash City’s Ezaway® system features exclusive zipper pulls with easy grip ends and “stylish seam lines for a flattering feminine fit”. At EQP $41.90 with 8K stitches of embroidery, this is a great promo item that is both green and pink.

Another piece of information I find very cool is that QuickPoint is offering to run custom pink versions of their NatureAd corn plastic, made in the USA, cups and mugs, (see video).

As these are custom items – made to order – the runs required are larger at 4,800 units, but higher run mean lower prices and I think these items are another great way to go both pink and green.

With a cost of around $3.89 at 4,800 units – that includes one color imprint on both sides of the mug – the pink Corn Mug Koffee Keg offers a 10.5 oz. capacity and like the standard mug is made in the USA from 100% U.S. corn plastic, is biodegradable, and microwave safe.

These units even have the text Made from 100% U.S. Corn Plastic engraved on the bottom of each mug, so people can identify the mug as eco-friendly.

The more contemporary Pink Corn Plastic EcoLogic Tumbler will run about $4.89 on a pink custom run of 4,800 units. The 18oz Corn Plastic EcoLogic Tumbler is also made from 100% U.S. Corn Plastic, and engraved on the bottom to reflect this fact. Again, neither the pink Corn Mug Koffee Keg or EcoLogic Tumbler appear on the QuickPoint website, or indeed anywhere on the web. The only way to get them is to ask.

Another fun item from Quickpoint  – which is also available in pink –  is their Awareness Ribbon Cookie Cutter at an EQP of $0.79. I think these are great, I mean what can possibly be more supportive than fresh baked cookies?

The Awareness Ribbon Cookie Cutter is made from QuickPoint’s BioAd Biodegradable plastic and is a common stock item so runs start at just 150 units.

These are only a few of the many pink themed promotional items available to help promote National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Bags, pins, totes, caps, water bottles, etc., there are a host of items out there, many also eco-friendly, that are available to Ecopreneurists wishing to support events and organizations in their community.

If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

If you are a promotional items distributor looking for more information on AshCity e.c.o. fleece contact Chris Clark. If you are looking for pink QuickPoint items contact Duane Mayer.

Eco Golfers: Wood Tee vs Biodegradable Plastic

27 Jul

I don’t golf. However selling promotional products, like caps, shirts, golf bags, golf towels and water bottles to those that do is a huge part of the promotional products industry.

Regarding eco-friendly promotional items the industry quickly moved to take care of this space with items like e.c.o apparel, organic cotton golf caps, BPA free water bottles, and even golf bags made from recycled materials.

But I don’t golf. So when I was recently asked which is the better “green” solution regarding golf tees, natural wood (from sustainable sources I would suggest) or biodegradable corn plastic, I simply did not have an answer. It was not something I had thought about and as a non-golfer I don’t know if wood or plastic is better to play off of.

So what are some of the options out there? I took a look at two basic tees.

QuickPointthe folks with the corn plastic drinkware – also do a nice corn plastic golf tee.  Built from biodegradable corn plastic and made in the USA, these branded corn plastic golf tees run about $85 per 1000 units with a one color imprint.

QuickPoint also does a nice LINKS PAC in their Nature/ad™ line with one imprinted ballmarker and five 2 3/4″ tees for EQP $0.64. Biodegradable corn plastic comes in a number of bright colors as well as the “natural wood” finish (as shown above).

The QuickPoint LINKS PAC is actually $0.18 less per unit than the wooden FAIRWAY PAK product from Norwood that runs EQP $0.82, however the comparison is unfair in that the wooden FAIRWAY PAK is more with a total of six imprinted 2-1/8″ tees, plus two imprinted quarter marks.

Again you have the options for the assorted colors, in this case Black (as shown), Blue, Dark Blue, Natural, Red, White, and Yellow.

For Ecopreneurists working the golf scene or indeed golf events or clubs wishing to be as eco-friendly as possible I am still in the dark as to which item – corn plastic or wood – is the best way to go.

I think the real lesson here is that even at this level, from the promotional products industry, there are green options available. And that is likely a good sign for things to come.

For more on Norwood’s golf line contact Mark Goldring. If you wish to learn more on QuickPoint and their corn plastic products contact Duane Mayer.

If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

Corn Plastic Featured On HowStuffWorks

2 Jun

This clip from the HowStuffWorks show on the Discovery Channel discusses the use of corn to make plastic.

Plastic made from corn is biodegradable, carbon-neutral and in some cases edible. The link was sent to me by Tina VanHoogstraat the ASI contact at QuickPoint, one of the promotional items manufacturers using corn plastics and other new materials to make drinkware and other items for the promotional items market.

The clip is a basic overview. Don’t expect a hard hitting expose, the clip is more about hows than whys. It does have input from some people you might recognize like author Michael Pollan – FYI I am reading In Defense of Food currently and really enjoying it.

If you are interested in corn plastic promotional items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

Eco Is Going To The Dogs

22 Apr

Beer drinking is supposed to be a social action. Some of mankind’s earliest artwork show one clay amphora with two straws in it, the act of drinking beer tied to the meaning of friendship. And who is man’s best friend? Why the dog, who also appears in most of mankind’s earliest artwork as well.

Regardless of what goes in the bowl, these new biodegradable pet bowls from QuickPoint are sure to be a hit with any Ecopreneurist focusing on goods for our four legged friends (cats too for that matter).

The bowls are one of QuickPoint’s Bio/Ad products, and are designed to “biodegrade naturally over a period of one to five years in a standard landfill environment”.

QuickPoint’s website states BIO/Ad products will last a lifetime under normal use with the biodegrading process only beginning when the products finally reachs the landfill, activating the biodegradable properties. In addition Bio/Ad™ products from QuickPoint are FDA approved, Proposition 65 compliant, and  manufactured in the USA.

EQP on the bowl is $2.19 and QuickPoint does offer them inside of their next day production program for EQP $3.09.

If you are an ASI member Duane Mayer is the contact to talk to at QuickPoint. Tina can also go into greater detail about the nature of the Bio/Ad™ plastic. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

QuickPoint Adds Some Style In 2009, Plus A Pitcher

16 Mar

QuickPoint is adding a few more items to their corn plastic drinkware line. Basically QuickPoint is adding a bit of style as the first generation of these mugs were a little short in the design area.

The new mugs look more like traditional travel mugs however they are still made in the USA using US produced corn. This is a good selling point as the economy slows and – right or wrong –  the demand for Made in America promotional products increase.

We like Made in America from the green point of view that these items simply have less to travel from product to client versus a mug run in China, etc.

The QuickPoint ECO-LOGIC MUG has a large 18 oz. capacity, is both biodegradable and microwave safe. There is also corn plastic information included on each mug stating that the mugs are made from 100% U.S. Corn Plastic (engraved on bottom) plus an additional removable “100% corn” decal.

The mugs come in Red, Blue, Cornsilk White, Maize Yellow, Ag Green, Translucent Blue and Translucent Green. The cost of these mugs is EQP $5.79 with one color imprint.

I like the idea of these items as giveaways for Ecopreneurists at the upcoming wave of Earth Day related events. I also think they work well for Ecopreneurists in the food and beverage industry.

Another item new for this year is the PITCHER with TUMBLER SET, which is just what it says it is, an imprinted pitcher and four unimprinted tumblers made from biodegradable plastic and produced in the USA.

These pitcher are sturdy enough to use for Ecopreneurist cafes and they are also great give-away items for events like company picnics as they are practical and also large enough to fill with other items like eco caps or t-shirts.

if you are a promotional items distributor looking for more on these items contact Duane Mayer at QuickPoint. If you are looking for a quick quote email us at info@proformagreen.com or contact your local promotional items distributor.

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