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ECOL BRITE from Norwood

22 Jan

Ecol Brite pens made from recycled paper.

It looks like Norwood had such a success with their ECOL brand of recycled paper (barrel) pens that in 2009 they decided to break out into color with their new line called ECOL BRITE.

Like the ECOL pen the barrel of the ECOL BRITE is made from recycled paper. The pens are a standard style retractable with black ink and a standard medium point. Nothing too exciting there.

The big deal is that the pens’ bodies are available in blue, green, orange and red. This is great because up until the ECOL BRITE I do not think there has been a colored recycled paper barrel pen on the market.

Color is a big deal because it stands out and Ecopreneurists that need color to match their target audience or their marketing campaign now have a color option in these pens. Prior to this, if you wanted color you had to go with a corn plastic or biodegradable plastic, and those items do not work for all audiences.

You will notice in the image that the ECOL BRITE have a plastic tip, clip and plunger. The plastic used for these parts is 100% biodegradable corn plastic.

As a kick off to 2009 both the ECOL and ECOL BRITE pens are $0.68 per unit with one color imprint through 04/30/2009. A minimum run is 300 units.

Please visit the Norwood website to see all their new green items or email info@proformagreen.com for more information and pricing on the ECOL and ECOL BRITE.

Cheapest Green Pen Yet, Ideas from PPAI Tradeshow

31 Oct

This is a guest post by John Simonetta, owner of ProformaGreen, an eco-friendly promotional items consultancy. John’s blogs are designed to keep us up to date on the “greening” of his industry.

For the Ecopreneurist looking for an inexpensive but high quality green pen the Super Hit Opaque Eco by Senator – introduced at the Promotional Products Association International event in Fort Worth – now enters the eco pen market, coming in at an EQP price of $0.38 with one color imprint on the barrel.

The barrel of the Super Hit is 95% recycled and in a bold move Senator posts their certification of this claim right on their website.

On top of that these are true Senator pens so the ink is forgery proof, non-toxic in black or blue and refillable with standard X-20 refills.

They are also made in the U.S.A. with clips in a variety of colors.

The Superhit is one of three new eco pens from Senator. The other two are the Innovator Eco Opaque at $0.55 and the Innovator Eco Soft Grip Opaque at $0.60.

For more information on these pens visit the Senator website or contact us at info@proformagreen.com.

BIC Ecoluctions Line

20 Oct

Clic Stic Ecolutions. Made with 67% pre-consumer recycled material.

It is estimated that six billion pens are thrown away every year in the US. BIC, one of the largest pen producers in the United States seems to have decided to do something about that and has entered the eco market in a big way with their new line of BIC Ecoluctions pens.

Like other companies BIC is taking the designs they already have in house and pairing them with new materials to make pens like the Clic Stic Ecolutions which is an exact copy of the standard click pen seen in offices the world over, but now made with 67% pre-consumer recycled material. (BIC’s green website offers a lot of info on these item, though it is a little vague on what the pre-consumer materials are, also there is no mention if the pens themselves are recyclable).

For Ecopreneurist working within or with main street businesses that are not big on change, the ability to offer branded BIC eco-friendly pens is very helpful as it is so simple and painless a change to make.

One of the issues a lot of us have is gaining creditability for green products and green thinking. Sometimes when shopping going green ideas to established businesses – like banks for example – there is strong resistance to our ideas because it is assumed we want the CEO to start coming to work in a hemp suit and that green means throwing away common, accepted business practices.

Well the Ecoluctions pen is not going to rock the boat. It is just a pen, but it is also an example of the types of minor changes companies can make in an effort to go green. And as I have written before small changes add up.

If an eco pen writes the same, feels the same, cost (about) the same, why can’t ever pen in every office be an eco pen, whether made of PET, corn plastic, recycled paper, or any other material?

Regarding the BIC products, as I asked with the 3M post-it notes, is this green washing or real concern?

Again I suspect neither and both. Again I think it has to do with the bottom line of companies like 3M and BIC and the growing chorus of folks that want green alternatives in the office. So, again, the more we support items like a green Post-it and BIC Ecoluctions pens the more will be sold and the more the idea of green as normal will grow.

Love BIC or hate BIC six billion pens sounds like a heck of a lot of pens. It seems to me every little bit of change helps.

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