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Getting Ready For Fall at the Farmer’s Market

9 Sep

Recycled Cotton Market Bag

Fall is in the air. Well since I live in Dallas and it is still 90+ degrees this first week of September, let me say the idea of Fall is in the air. And Fall means fun at the farmer’s market.

I really do enjoy weekends at the market and every season brings a new selection to the stalls. Cauliflower, Butternut Squash, Fall Apples, Sweet Potatoes, and of course Pumpkins all come out around this time of year.

But look around at the shoppers. Even though I am at the farmer’s market I am surrounded by reusable bags bearing the names of the big food store chains of Dallas – Central Market, Whole Foods, Kroger, and Tom Thumb.

The thing about a farmer’s market is normally everyone brings their own bags. And since a printed shopping bag is really also a small moving “billboard” might I suggest if you are planning a marketing push this season that has anything to do with food or foodies, think about getting some printed bags to the farmers market for distribution to the crowds.

Like a tee shirt, most folks do not throw away bags. Indeed, again like a tee shirt, most shoppers have a favorite bag that they use over and over because a quality shopping tote is held on to for years.


If not exactly free advertising, the average cost per impression of a shopping tote (i.e. the cost per view of your logo) is so very low, handing out a good bag that will last for years is a much, much better return on advertising dollars then print ads, TV ads, even billboards. The secret is to tie your brand to a good bag. No one uses a Yugo for a company limo. In the same respect skipping on your bag budget is not a good idea when you are using the bag itself as a vehicle to promote your brand.

Here are two videos on bags from Gemline that I think would work great for any promotional event targeting shoppers that would frequent a farmers market. The Gemline pre-printed Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper Set (adding your logo to a pre-printed bag is an easy way to get more bang for your marketing buck) and the very sturdy and understated Recycled Cotton Market Bag.

If you are ASI and wish to learn more about these Gemline products contact Andrea Catalano. If you are interested in bags to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

The videos.


Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper Set

4 Jan

Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper Set Main Bag

I suspect the next couple of blogs are going to be all about what is new for 2011. Well let us just say, a lot.

A good starting place is the the new Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper Set from Gemline, one of 80 new products Gemline is introducing for 2011. With the bag ban expected to heat up in 2011, shoppers are a great giveaway idea.

All three bags in the set — which consist of a carry bag accompanied by two folders — are made from 100% Recycled PET Fabric. The carry bag dimensions are 13″L 15″H 6″W with a long shoulder handle, and the foldaway interior bags run 11.75L 13.5H 6W with a grab-style handle. All bags are lead-free.

Like the original Gemline 100% Laminated bags (which are still available in 2011) these bags offer a preprinted eco art design, however the eco theme branding is much larger and bolder on this set of bags than the original 100% bags from Gemline.

Pre-printed bags give you much more bag for your buck because you are getting a fulling designed theme bag (the pre-print) without having to run the 5000 plus units that is often needed for an all over custom design run. More color, more design, smaller price.

Runs of the new Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper Set start at just 50 units. Great for small events or office programs.

Interior Bags Folded

In the case of the Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper Set from Gemline the custom imprint area is on the main carry bag only. Both interior bags are 100% imprinted units with no added area for logo.

Italy will ban single use bags starting in 2011. In the US Oregon and Colorado might do the same, as well as many individual US cities and municipalities. As these bans become more common promotional multiple use bag like the Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper Set from Gemline will become more and more important, as the options for consumers is getting smaller and smaller, i.e. bring a bag with you to the store or buy a bag there.

If these bans do become the standard, and the single use plastic bag goes away, I think the multiple use bag is going to become the tee shirt of the next decade, i.e. the defacto giveaway / walking billboard that everyone is happy to receive.

If those multiple use bags are made from recycled material, natural cotton, bamboo, or other sustainable / biodegradable materials, that is great. If they all get made out of nylon or hard plastic, that is a problem in itself.

Blue Interior Bag Open

If you are ASI and wish to learn more about Gemline and their complete line of 100% recycled bags contact Andrea Catalano. If you are interested in these great pre-printed bags to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

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