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Titan Emergency Solar Charger for Tablets & Media Devices

19 Mar

T2130: Titan Emergency Solar Charger for Tablets & Media Devices

Solar. No batteries. Power comes cheap and direct from the sun.

That is the idea behind the Titan Emergency Solar Charger for Tablets & Media Devices from Hirsch Gift.

From a single charge, this little device can fully charge an iPhone twice, or fully charge an iPad once.

For companies marketing a solar power message to their audience, the Titan delivers a very real demonstration of the power of solar.

If you are not in the solar business, the Titan is still a great idea, because like branded jumper cables, or a branded first aid kit, the audience is using the Titan most when they absolutely need it. This type of experience can have a strong impact on your audience.

The Titan is compatible with most all tablets  and other media devices, and is designed specifically to work with tablets like iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Blackberry Playbook, T-Mobile G-Slate, PDAs, Digital Cameras, as well as most cell phones including the iPhone 4s.

With a fully charged battery capacity 2,000mAh the Titan packs more than enough power to bring your client’s mobile device back to life. And there is no need for multiple adapters since this device includes a USB port, i.e. it works with the equipment your client already uses. The internal battery on the Titan can charge via sunlight (about 12hr for full charge) or by plugging in to existing power via USB cable.

A fully charged Titan will hold its charge for a few months, so these are a great promotional item for folks marketing to corporate travelers, auto dealers (great for glove compartment), soccer moms and dads, and employee appreciation and safety programs.

Please see these videos on the Titan taken at ASI Dallas in a pitch for the CFC. The imprint area on the Titan is 2W” x 1H”, and can be done with pad print or laser engrave. Minimum run is 25 units.

If you are ASI and wish for more information on the Titan contact Robert De Veau at Hirsch Gift. If you are interested in flash drives to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

Recycled Trash Becomes Speakers

24 Jan
T733 Groovy Vibration Speaker System

T733 Groovy Vibration Speaker System

Office just got a heads-up on the new T733 Groovy Vibration Speaker System from Hirsch Gift. Basically it turns anything into a speaker. ANYTHING. How is that for recycling?

Seriously, it might be a bit gimmicky, and I am not going to call this eco-friendly, but in an educational setting, talking about recycling, how cool would this be in terms of getting the crowd awake and involved.

Additionally it can make a speaker everywhere, which means you don’t have to carry or ship speakers anywhere.

For example, we do a lot of work for the Combined Federal Campaign. The first thing my co-worker said when she saw the T733 Groovy Vibration Speaker System was, wouldn’t this be a great item to send in a care package to the troops.

Love the T733 Groovy Vibration Speaker System? Want the T733 Groovy Vibration Speaker System? If you’re in the business, ASI contact is Robert De Veau, a really, really nice guy. Also take a look at the EcoLution Line from Hirsch Gift. Hirsch was one of the first to market with recycled and renewable material USB drives and other products.

Here is the video. Cool, cool, cool. (Note you will need to see it on YOUTUBE as the video contains SONY music cuts.) If you are interested in the T733 Groovy Vibration Speaker System to promote your own business – a total slam dunk for anybody selling anything in a box, cup, or container – contact your local promotional items representative or email info@proformagreen.com for information, samples, and pricing.

70% Recycled EcoButton From Buzzline

29 Apr

This is a guest post by John Simonetta, owner of Proforma Green Marketing, an eco-friendly promotional items consultancy (see proformagreen.com). John’s blogs are designed to keep us up to date on the “greening” of his industry.

In 2008 we talked about the eco button or ebutton from Hirsch Gift. Buzzline is now selling two updated versions of this product which they are calling the EcoButton and EcoButton Hub.

So what is new after two years? To start with the EcoButton and EcoButton Hub are made of 70% recycled plastic. That is a nice upgrade over the ebutton. And the EcoButton Hub provides four USB ports which makes it a more useful item on the desk and therefor, as a promotional products item, more likely to stay on the desk promoting your brand.

The EcoButton and EcoButton Hub also come with a standard splash screen which displays on the users’ computer screen a daily and cumulative dollar and carbon savings for the time the computer using either device is placed into “ecomode.” So actual feedback to the user, again, a nice upgrade.

So what is it that the EcoButton and EcoButton Hub actually do? The claim to fame on the EcoButton and EcoButton Hub – and other like products – is that pressing the button puts a computer into the “most efficient sleep mode available, reducing your carbon footprint and saving money spent on electricity”.

Picture a corporate HQ with a couple hundred or more active computer users. Someone goes to lunch, they hit the EcoButton. Someone goes to a meeting, they hit the EcoButton. The idea is that when people are away from their desks their computers will power down beyond the simple screen saver mode, to a point that actually impacts the electrical use of the computer. Multiply that by a few hundred or thousand users, and the saving will add up.

At EQP $10.25 for the EcoButton and EQP $14.19 for the EcoButton Hub I think these are a great idea for any Ecopreneurist targeting clients in the IT or corporate world. Also a  great giveaway for software firms (might be nice to include with software releases) and computer companies themselves. Full color imprints are no problem.

Anywhere computers gather, the EcoButton and EcoButton Hub should be a hit. And again it is not just green but also a money saver.

If you want some estimates on how much money might be saved or more information on the working of the EcoButton and EcoButton Hub contact Jen Muzzillo of Buzzline.

If you are interested in the EcoButton and EcoButton Hub to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

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