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100% Post Consumer Kraft Paper Halloween Bags

17 Aug

This is a guest post by John Simonetta, owner of Proforma Simonetta Freelance, an eco-friendly promotional items consultancy (see proformagreen.com). John’s blogs are designed to keep us up to date on the “greening” of his industry.

Some quick facts about Halloween for the Ecopreneurist from American Ad Bags.

Halloween is the 2nd largest retail shopping seasonal event in the United States. Consumers [in the United States] will spend over $6 billion during the Halloween season. Over 31 million kids [in the United States] will go door to door trick-or-treating.

Ok, first I want to say I think kids should take a step back on the amount of candy consumed during this holiday. Also that the consumption level in the US during holidays like Halloween – the food, the candy, the packaging, the party favors, and all the waste produced – is more than a little out of control. And last, yes the pillow sack is the best Halloween bag out there, they are reusable, strong, and readily available in most homes. Plus they hold a lot of candy so that is great for the kids, but does bring me back to the start of this paragraph.

With all that said this is an article about promotional items and ways Ecopreneurists can use promotional items to build their business. So from that angle I want to talk about the 10 x 5 x 13 Natural Kraft Pumpkin Shopper made from 100% recycled Post-Consumer Kraft paper from American Ad Bag.

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