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Nonwoven Messenger Bags. Are they Green?

2 Oct

Jetline is entering the nonwoven market strong this season. As I mentioned in another blog Jetline currently has what I think are the lowest cost quality nonwoven shopping totes on the market today.

Now Jetline has just introduced two new nonwoven messenger style bags. This is a great idea because shopping totes are fine but they are a little boring. These new messenger bags are great for Ecopreneurists that target colleges, schools and generally a younger, hipper crowd.

But are they green? As most folks now poly nonwoven bags are made from plastic – polyprop is an oil derivative. However many people say, “so what, they are cheap, reusable and long lasting, they keep tradional plastic bags out of the landfills and trees on the mountains”.

Proforma Green sells messenger bags that are organic cotton and PET. A number of vendors can supply such bags. But because these messengers are nonwovens and from Jetline they are very cheap. For example we sell the Value Nonwoven Messenger Bag at $0.99 with one color imprint for a minimum run of 200 bags.

But again, are they green?

It seems to me that nonwoven polypropylene will continue to be used in more and more products as the material continues to gain popularity with consumers. The arrival of poly messenger tote seems to be just the beginning of many items created with this material.

It is up to the green consumer to accept them or not. For those of us in the business of promotional items and retail I suggest we go back to our core questions.

Who is our customer? What is their budget? Will this product work for them? Is it green to them?

That is really who matters most.

Please contact us at Proforma Green to learn more about these items or go directly to the Jetline website.

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