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This Holiday, Make It Last with Glass

29 Oct

Footed Square Glass Jar

What could be sweeter than a holiday gift that promotes your business or organization all year long? During the holidays, food-related gifts are popular, but it’s important to make sure that the container (and your logo) lasts long past the time the treats are devoured.

Enter the glass goody container, which can be used and displayed on office desks and kitchen counters for years to come.

The more attractive the jar, the longer it will be used and the more prominently it will be displayed. Mid-Nite Snax has many handsome glass containers to choose from (filled or empty). I am a fan of both the Footed Square Glass Jar with Sports theme candies and the classic Glass Square Jar.

While you’re on the Mid-Nite Snax website, check out their snack tins too – since metal and glass are more likely to be reused than a cardboard container, and are by their nature recyclable, they can help promote your client’s sustainable message or brand better than a tosh away container, especially if language explaining the re-usability of the contain is included with your marketing message.

If you are an ASI distributor, you can get more information about Mid-Nite Snax’s glass containers on their website. If you are interested in Mid-Nite Snax products to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

Green Gifts Ideas From An Ecopreneurist

29 Nov

My editor asked me to post a few more ideas on what an Ecopreneurist or any business interested in giving green gifts this year, might give customers for the holidays.

I wanted to approach the idea from two points. First, I am in the promotional items business. For our industry the main purpose of gift giving is to say thank you to the clients you have done business with in the past year, and to keep your name in front of those clients so that they do business with you next year.

Second, as an Econpreneurist gift giving gives my business a chance to show off our green credentials but also – maybe – influence our clients, not all of whom are green, about becoming more green in their own businesses.

So I decided to start off with something very basic. Mugs.

A basic mug cost little and can normally be printed on both the front and back, so there is a lot of room for both your logo and a message.

Perhaps “Thank you for your business in 2008. Think of XYZ company in 2009 for all your ABC needs” on the front and maybe an eco message like “Americans throw away an estimated 25 billion Styrofoam cups every year. The same Styrofoam cups will be sitting in a landfill 500 years from now. Please re-use this mug each day to lessen your impact on the planet.”  Yes that will all fit on a mug.  And trust me a case of mugs showing up at your client’s office goes a lot farther than a fruit basket. Continue reading

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