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ECOL BRITE from Norwood

22 Jan

Ecol Brite pens made from recycled paper.

It looks like Norwood had such a success with their ECOL brand of recycled paper (barrel) pens that in 2009 they decided to break out into color with their new line called ECOL BRITE.

Like the ECOL pen the barrel of the ECOL BRITE is made from recycled paper. The pens are a standard style retractable with black ink and a standard medium point. Nothing too exciting there.

The big deal is that the pens’ bodies are available in blue, green, orange and red. This is great because up until the ECOL BRITE I do not think there has been a colored recycled paper barrel pen on the market.

Color is a big deal because it stands out and Ecopreneurists that need color to match their target audience or their marketing campaign now have a color option in these pens. Prior to this, if you wanted color you had to go with a corn plastic or biodegradable plastic, and those items do not work for all audiences.

You will notice in the image that the ECOL BRITE have a plastic tip, clip and plunger. The plastic used for these parts is 100% biodegradable corn plastic.

As a kick off to 2009 both the ECOL and ECOL BRITE pens are $0.68 per unit with one color imprint through 04/30/2009. A minimum run is 300 units.

Please visit the Norwood website to see all their new green items or email info@proformagreen.com for more information and pricing on the ECOL and ECOL BRITE.

Forget The Green Packaging At Your Peril – A Story

13 Sep

This is a guest post by John Simonetta, owner of ProformaGreen, an eco-friendly promotional items consultancy. John’s blogs are designed to keep us up to date on the “greening” of his industry.

chip clipWe recently ran 1000 bag clips for the MercyCorps office in New York (if you have never heard of this NGO check them out at mercycorps.com).

The New York office wanted some inexpensive and green items to use as giveaways and they went with the Garyline 6″ Bag Clip molded with up to 100% recycled material and an enhanced biodegradability additive so it beaks down once the clip is introduced to a landfill. Another reason to use Garyline was that their factory is in the Bronx so that lowered the project’s shipping costs and carbon footprint.

So client gets inexpensive, useful, green giveaway and everyone is happy. Right?

Sort of. Continue reading

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