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Numo Running EcoCoolie

23 May

This is a guest post by John Simonetta, owner of Proforma Simonetta Freelance, an eco-friendly promotional items consultancy (see proformagreen.com). John’s blogs are designed to keep us up to date on the “greening” of his industry.

I have been telling folks for months that I want someone to develop an eco-friendly version of the can coolie. What I wanted was a coolie that was made from sustainable materials and also biodegradable.

Well I am still looking for that, but Numo Manufacturing of Dallas has produced an EcoCoolie line made from at least 15% post-consumer recycled material. So at least that is a start.

The basic EcoCoolie has an EQP of $1.09. That is certainly a premium over the cost of Numo’s standard Pocket Coolie which has an EQP of $0.69, and I hope as more post-consumer recycled material coolies are sold this price will drop.

Aside from the post-consumer material it is a basic coolie with all colors  represented: Pink, Lime, Yellow, Teal, Maroon, Red, Black, Orange, Royal Blue, Navy, Green, and Purple.

The cool thing – is that a pun ? – is that Numo did not stop at just the basic model but offers 15% post-consumer recycled material units in an EcoCoolie Bottle Jersey (shown at left) and EcoCoolie Zippered Bottle Coolie as well. In addition all models are available with full four color imprinting.

Why have I been lusting after an eco-friendly coolie? In the promotional products industry coolies are big sellers, right up there with caps and t-shirts. They work well because like a favorite t-shirt people very rarely throw them away.

Coolies are practical and useful. They also have a large print area to cost ratio, so you can say a lot on them for a little money. Coolies are an inexpensive way for ecopreneurists to get their message into the hands of their audience and keep it there. Simple.

If you are an ASI member with questions for Numo Manufacturing Tonya Luby is the woman to talk to. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

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