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Thinking About Social Media

28 Nov

For those of you wondering what this writer looks like, here is our new video produced by our partner Video Slim. We shot this to help with our 2011 push into social media marketing.

For promotional item distributors there are two sides to social media, using social media to communicate about ourselves, and using social media to help our clients communicate about themselves – which of course serves the same goal as traditional promotional items such as apparel, brochures, totes, etc., to help our clients define and communicate their brand.

An example of a promotional vendor that “does” social media very well is Dana Zezzo, Vice President of Sales for ProTowels Etc. Zezzo seems to be everywhere, updating his every move on Twitter and Facebook, mixing information about his day, his company, and the industry, all at the same time, working to establish the ProTowels Etc. brand online. Indeed Zezzo is listed on the 2010 ASI Hot List as The Branding Magnate for his use of social media.

An example of a promotional vendor helping others with their online branding are our partners at Video Slim, who work to help clients craft, shoot, and distribute their brand message online. The Video Slim production for the Lewisville Honor Guard is an excellent example of how powerful a well done video post can be. With basic videos (like mine) at $799 to more robust projects with green screen effects and paid talent under $5000, videos like this often cost way less than an average national postcard mailing, and can reach a larger audience as they are passed around the internet.

So, is all this new stuff green? Certainly there are environmental costs to video production, and running the server farms needed to keep Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., alive is a huge energy consumer.

But if you think of social media under the banners of reduce (less real world stuff made, consumed, and discarded), reuse (one post/video can be seen again and again), and recycle (one article/video can be used in a host of different locations on and off-line), there is certainly a case to be made for social media’s green credentials.

From marketers and vendors discovering apps, to communicating with video, to running online contests via Twitter, this is truly a new world for an industry with roots in the printing and distribution of paper.

This is going to be fun.

First Bamboo Fiber Golf Towel

16 Jul

This is a guest post by John Simonetta, owner of Proforma Simonetta Freelance, an eco-friendly promotional items consultancy (see proformagreen.com). John’s blogs are designed to keep us up to date on the “greening” of his industry.

Here is a short video from the 2009 Proforma Convention in Denver. This is Pro Towels Etc’s new bamboo fiber golf towel, which they say is the first bamboo fiber golf towel introduced to the promotional items market.

Why towels? As a promotional item they have a number of advantages over shirts and caps, the items they seem to compete with the most. According to Pro Towels the advantages are:

  • For Recognition – Make a huge impact with a 25″ x 50″ logo on a beach towel.  Largest imprint area amongst most other promotional products.
  • For Durability – Machine washable for endless use. When was the last time you threw a towel away?
  • For Leisure – Towels are used when doing fun things such as swimming, boating, golfing, etc.
  • For Value – Superior value for price.
  • For Style – Towels never go out of style.

For the Ecopreneurist organic cotton and bamboo towels are a great match for many summer time marketing activities like boating events, golfing events, spa weekends, etc., and they really do provide a large imprintable message area at a low cost.

If you are in the business the ASI contact to talk is Dana Zezzo at Pro Towels Etc. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

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