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Anvil Offers USA Made Tee Shirts

22 Jul

American Classic Tee – Made in the USA

Anvil Knitware, one of the largest manufactures of apparel for the promotional products industry, now offers made in the USA tees shirts.

Anvil already has one of the strongest sustainable tee collections in the industry, and I am very happy to see that they are now doing Made in USA options as well.

Here is their new promotional video. Item numbers are US749, US779, and US911


If you are an ASI member contact Anvil directly about their USA line. If you are interested in printing USA made tee shirts to promote your own business or event, contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

AnvilSustainable™ Hooded Fleece

6 Oct

AnvilSustainable™ Long Sleeve Full-Zip Hooded Fleece

Anvil is a clear leader in eco-friendly tees supporting the promotional apparel industry. Their AnvilRecycled®, AnvilOrganic® , and AnvilSustainable™ are workhorse tee shirts for eco-friendly branding and events, and if you are wearing an eco tee right now, there is a very good chance it came from Anvil. With the cold weather setting in I wanted to point out that Anvil is running more than adult and youth tees in their ECO line. Anvil also has a full set of hoodies available for embroidery or screen-printing.

In particular I wanted to talk about Anvil’s new AnvilSustainable™ Long Sleeve Full-Zip Hooded Fleece and AnvilSustainable™ Long Sleeve Hooded Fleece.

Like other items in the AnvilSustainable line these hoodies are a mix of materials, running 8.0 oz. 55% certified organic cotton blended with 45% post consumer P.E.T. recycled polyester. Basically this is a blend cotton poly hoodie using organic cotton and non-virgin polyester.

The hoodies might feel a little softer than your normal pullover because the quality is rather superior to standard blends, but other than that they take an impression or embroidery just as well as any other 8oz cotton/poly blend.

The AnvilSustainable™ Long Sleeve Full-Zip Hooded Fleece and AnvilSustainable™ Long Sleeve Hooded Fleece come in the standard nine colors of  White, Black, Charcoal, Chocolate, City Green, Heather Grey, Natural, Navy and Red. Available sizes run S-3XL and may vary by color.

AnvilSustainable™ Long Sleeve Hooded Fleece

Hoodies are a great marketing platform as they are nearly as ubiquitous an article of fall and winter clothing as the tee shirt is to spring and summer. They are also ageless, working with the youth and young adult market, colleges, and professional groups. Everyone has a favorite hoodie, and if you are lucky enough that the hoodie is branded with your company’s or organization’s brand, then you have a walking billboard for life.

If you’re in the business these hoodies are available from most of the usual suspects, SANMAR, BRODERS, BODEK & RHODES (talk to Marc Seiler).

If you need help with figuring out the best fits and styles for your clients, pricing, or running full jobs with custom embroidery and screen-printing, then you will need to talk to your local promotional apparel vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for more information.

Bundle up everyone, it is getting cold out there.

Color Comes to Organic Shirts

6 Apr


For a while it seemed that 100% organic cotton shirts came in one color: Natural. Well that is certainly changing, for both plain t-shirts and polos. Here are two brands I would recommend to Ecopreneurists doing apparel.

First up is the family of organic cotton shirts by Anvil which includes the Anvil 5 oz. Organic T-Shirt, Anvil 4.5 Organic Ringspun Fashion Fit T-Shirt, and Anvil 5 oz. Organic Long-Sleeve T-Shirt. Alpha Apparel and Broder both stock these shirts and you can locate them from most any apparel distributor.

The Anvil organic cotton shirts come in 10 colors, including bright, festive colors like yellow haze, river blue, a nice basic red and a fun chocolate. The line is all 100% preshrunk, certified organic cotton and comes in adult and youth sizes.

As always pricing on printed t-shirts depends most on the number of shirts run and the number of colors printed on those shirts. In general you should still expect to pay a bit of a premium for organic cotton tees.

For organic cotton polos I suggest Ecopreneurists take a look at Vantage Apparel and their Organic Cotton Pique Polo. No really bright colors yet, but the shirts do come in black, brown, blue, green and navy in addition to the traditional natural color. The shirts are a 7 oz. 100% preshrunk, certified organic cotton.

The Organic Cotton Pique Polo from Vantage holds up great and takes embroidery very well. These are not your basic polos {read more about pique cotton fabric}.

The Organic Cotton Pique Polo seems much softer than a traditional cotton polo and the quality of the shirts is higher than most standard cotton polos used in our industry. These shirts are on more of an executive / professional quality footing. They would be great for Ecopreneurists looking for restaurant servers’ uniforms, club shirts, or even casual Friday business attire.

The Organic Cotton Pique Polo from Vantage also has a matching ladies cut which comes in the same colors and is in the same price point. With embroidery to 7000 stitches these shirts will run around $36 EQP.

Julia Macdonald at Vantage can answer any questions on these polos, for example if the dying process on them is also eco-friendly. If you are looking for pricing on either organic tees or polos contact your local promotional items dealer or email info@proformagreen.com.

Vantage Verve: Going for a Super Green Shirt

30 Aug

This is a guest post by John Simonetta, owner of ProformaGreen, an eco-friendly promotional items consultancy. John’s blogs are designed to keep us up to date on the “greening” of his industry.

The Verve line of organic cotton promotional t-shirts from Vantage Apparel seems to be going for the title of most green t-shirt available.

Like many other organic shirts in the promotional items industry Vantage starts with a non-bleached t-shirt made from organic cotton (i.e. no pesticides or petroleum fertilizers used to grow the cotton). At this point the shirt is similar to other organic shirts, like the AnvilOrganic line from Anvil Knit Wear (which by the way does come in different colors than just “natural”). Continue reading

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