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By Box Program Launched By Express Line

24 Jul

From the express line we learn of an expansion to their incredible total branding solution with their new total branding by box program. In a nutshell this allows the client to brand bottle, box, and custom insert card in one move.

I think this is a brilliant idea and long overdue. Ok, that is not completely fair, others offer packaging solutions, however I do not believe they do so at this level and with this ease. That’s right folks, express line total packaging solutions makes things easy. (By the way the express line is one of those young, hip companies that uses a lot of lowercase letters in names, so these aren’t technically typos. Get used to it because it continues throughout this blog.)

Pricing with the by box program includes a custom 4-color process box (using customer supplied art), a drinkware item with a one color imprint, and a custom care sheet describing the care and use of the drinkware. Currently the program is limited to three of the most popular reusable drink ware items in the industry, the 16 oz spirit tumbler (straw will come inserted in cup) at $7.99, 11 oz terra cup at $9.99  and the 24 oz stainless steel bolt, freedom, or athans water bottle at $9.99. Again pricing is based on minimum runs of 1000 units.

Both smaller retailers and marketing campaigns targeting eco conscious audiences can benefit from this program, as all of these products are aimed at the reduce and reuse crowd, with the spirit tumbler and terra cup aimed at replacing paper cups and the stainless steel bottles focused directly at the plastic water bottle.

(Ok, I do see the irony of the extra resources needed to produce the packaging used to promote eco-friendly drinkware. I get that. This is just an available option, a simplified option, for those campaigns needing a “total solution”. The only counter argument I can offer is that getting everything done at one shop, one time, does save resources verses a job where the bottle, box, and insert are all created at different locations, placed together in perhaps a fourth, and then shipped to clients.)

So total branding by design (stock art ideas), total branding by print (custom hang tags), or total branding by box, choosing any or all of these creative ideas from the express line is a great place to start any green marketing campaign.

If you are an ASI distributor Nicki Russo is the contact to talk to at express line about these great programs. If you are interested in the express line products and solutions to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing. (Capital letters to return next article.)

Follow Me Lip Balm Idea

17 Jul

The folks at Raining Rose helped us figure out a cheap, yet wildly popular giveaway to help promote our social media marketing efforts. They designed a full color case for their organic lip balm that puts all our social media addresses in one place. The idea was so good we made a pitch video about it to show to our own clients. Take a look.

Raining Rose products are made in the USA from all natural 66% organic content. The Raining Rose factory is a FDA audited facility. All products have their ingredients listed on the Raining Rose website and on casings. All casings are made from at least 33 % post consumer plastic. There is no extra cost to use full color art wraps, lip balm run just $0.90 EPQ per unit.  They are USDA organic certified and a great product for any business looking an eco-friendly leave behind.

If you are ASI, PPAI or SAGE and want to samples of  Raining Rose products just ask Lisa Waggoner. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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