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100% R.P.E.T. Laminated Grocery Bag

23 Mar

American Ad Bag has got a few very good looking pre-printed stock design 100% R.P.E.T. Laminated Grocery Bags.

These pre-printed bags have a 9” W x 9” H  9″ W x 8″ H imprint area of the front of the totes, in which to add you specific logo. And they you get the benefit of the pre-printed messaging and artwork, with out having to pay the cost of 100% custom bags. So lots of ad bang for little bucks.

From the website, “Grocery shopping is fun again! Our recycled P.E.T. grocery shopper bags measure 12” x 13” with 8” gussets and are 100% recyclable and crafted from 130GSM Recycled PET fabric. These eco-friendly bags are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Handles are reinforced for strength and measure 1” wide and 20” long. Features colorful stock designs printed on gussets.  Available in three different color/design choices.”

If you are interested in these 100% R.P.E.T. Laminated Grocery Bag to promote your own business, or to get a sample, email for information and pricing.

And as always, if you really want to do something sustainable, do not buy promotional products. All products are consumption at one level or another. So if you must buy, 1) Buy local (i.e. made in USA), 2) Buy useful, long lasting items, 3) Buy sustainable/recycled/recyclable products if possible.

Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper Now Featuring 8 Designs

30 Jun

Laminated 100% Recycled PET Fabric

The Laminated Recycled Shoppers from Gemline are still one of the most popular recycled bags on the market. Since we last mentioned these bags in 2010, Gemline has continued to add pre-printed designs to this line, and with the Fall 2012 additions, there are now eight unique designs to choose from.

The popularity of these bags rests in the pre-printed art and messaging, with statements like “I used to be a water bottle” and “100% recycled” worked into the design.

Each bag is indeed made from a laminated 100% Recycled PET fabric, estimated to keep about the equivalent of three water bottles worth of plastic out of the landfill.

All bags are the same size with a 13″L 15″H 8″W main compartment and generous gusset for maximum capacity. They all feature 23.5″ shoulder straps and are kid-friendly/CPSIA compliant.

The following video from Gemline gives you an idea of how big and bold these bags really are, and what can be achieved by simply adding client artwork to the pre-existing motifs available  in blue, purple, red, natural/brown, royal, caribbean, and summer green.


If you are ASI and wish to learn more about Gemline and their complete line of 100% recycled bags contact Andrea Catalano. If you are interested in these great pre-printed bags to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

Travel Fun With Recycled Styrene Plastic Tags

15 Mar

Recycled Sandal Luggage Tag

Innovation Line produces a number of easily identifiable luggage tags made from recycled styrene plastic that seem a fun and practical promotional item for those targeting travelers.

The line of pre-printed recycled styrene luggage tags from Innovation Line include such shapes as the WSAPT10 Airplane Luggage Tag, WSST10 Sandal Luggage Tag, WSSCT10 Suitcase Luggage Tag, and WSHST10 Hawaiian Shirt T-Shirt Luggage Tag.

All styles come with classic buckle attachment for attaching the tag to luggage, and all styles include a standard write-on ID panel on the reserve of the image.

And color. Again recycled no longer means single color green or black. The WSST10 Sandal Luggage Tag available in seven standard bright colors leads the group, with the WSCST10 Cruise Ship Luggage Tag next with four standard colors, and the WSHST10 Hawaiian Shirt T-Shirt Luggage Tag with three. All three tags are available in other custom colors on request.

Regardless of their recycled credentials, these fun luggage tags are a great idea for any travel agency or tour group looking for a fun way to keep their groups’ luggage easily identifiable from other travelers.

The tags also make nice, mailable size thank  you gifts for booking agents and others in the travel industry, maybe a nice item to include in any mail-out from resorts looking to build their brand.

If you are ASI and interested in recycled luggage tags from Innovation Line contact Rachel Sakso. If you would like to use these recycled items to promote your own business or event contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information, pricing, and samples.

100% Recycled Impulse Lunch Cooler

10 Feb

100% Recycled Impulse Lunch Cooler

I think the new 100% Recycled Impulse Lunch Cooler from Gemline is a slam dunk for any marketing program aimed at promoting healthy eating or healthy food choices.

Why? This is a high style tote that happens to be 100% recycled material, and in the minds of most audiences healthy and eco-friendly go hand-in-hand.

Water Motif Pre-Print On Side Gusset Green and Blue Bags.

The 100% Recycled Impulse Lunch Cooler allows the marketer to position their heathy eating message/brand on a platform that is also ‘healthy’ for the environment. Win-win.

The 100% Recycled Impulse Lunch Cooler is an adult size lunch bag at 8″L x 9″H x 6″W. Too often in our industry folks see a lunch style tote and stop thinking about adults. I think that is a mistake, a lot of adults bring their lunch to work, and bringing lunch to work carries both an economic and healthy choice message that should work well in our current economic climate.

Imprint area is front pocket only at 5″W x 3″H, and as the name suggests the cooler is made from a laminated100% recycled PET fabric. Bags run BLACK, BLUE, GREEN, and RED. As a bonus the 100% Recycled Impulse Lunch Cooler comes with a pre-printed gusset in either a water bottle or checker motif. The handles of these bags are printed with the text MADE FROM WATER BOTTLES.

Like all Gemline bags the 100% Recycled Impulse Lunch Cooler is in compliance with the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), and can be tracked to its point of production.

Check the video for a great overview look at these bags. (They mention school events, but that is a bit of a knee-jerk reaction when talking about this shape of bag, I would much rather see this bag representing an organic frozen apple juice or other healthy food line.)

If you are ASI and wish to learn more about Gemline products contact Andrea Catalano. If you are interested in the 100% Recycled Impulse Lunch Cooler to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper Set

4 Jan

Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper Set Main Bag

I suspect the next couple of blogs are going to be all about what is new for 2011. Well let us just say, a lot.

A good starting place is the the new Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper Set from Gemline, one of 80 new products Gemline is introducing for 2011. With the bag ban expected to heat up in 2011, shoppers are a great giveaway idea.

All three bags in the set — which consist of a carry bag accompanied by two folders — are made from 100% Recycled PET Fabric. The carry bag dimensions are 13″L 15″H 6″W with a long shoulder handle, and the foldaway interior bags run 11.75L 13.5H 6W with a grab-style handle. All bags are lead-free.

Like the original Gemline 100% Laminated bags (which are still available in 2011) these bags offer a preprinted eco art design, however the eco theme branding is much larger and bolder on this set of bags than the original 100% bags from Gemline.

Pre-printed bags give you much more bag for your buck because you are getting a fulling designed theme bag (the pre-print) without having to run the 5000 plus units that is often needed for an all over custom design run. More color, more design, smaller price.

Runs of the new Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper Set start at just 50 units. Great for small events or office programs.

Interior Bags Folded

In the case of the Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper Set from Gemline the custom imprint area is on the main carry bag only. Both interior bags are 100% imprinted units with no added area for logo.

Italy will ban single use bags starting in 2011. In the US Oregon and Colorado might do the same, as well as many individual US cities and municipalities. As these bans become more common promotional multiple use bag like the Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper Set from Gemline will become more and more important, as the options for consumers is getting smaller and smaller, i.e. bring a bag with you to the store or buy a bag there.

If these bans do become the standard, and the single use plastic bag goes away, I think the multiple use bag is going to become the tee shirt of the next decade, i.e. the defacto giveaway / walking billboard that everyone is happy to receive.

If those multiple use bags are made from recycled material, natural cotton, bamboo, or other sustainable / biodegradable materials, that is great. If they all get made out of nylon or hard plastic, that is a problem in itself.

Blue Interior Bag Open

If you are ASI and wish to learn more about Gemline and their complete line of 100% recycled bags contact Andrea Catalano. If you are interested in these great pre-printed bags to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

Raining Rose Drastically Increases Pre-Print Graphic Backdrops

15 Sep

Raining Rose products are made in the USA and feature all natural 66% organic content. The Raining Rose factory is an FDA audited facility. All products have their ingredients listed on the Raining Rose website and on casings. All casings are made from recycled content plastic.   They offer USDA organic certified products and are a great product for any business looking for an eco-friendly leave behind.

Ok, most folks already know that boilerplate statement for Raining Rose. What has got us so excited is that Raining Rose has drastically increased their pre-printed graphic background options. Do you see a theme here? Yet again a manufacturer is offering more for your money through the use of pre-printed designs.

These graphic backdrop wrap pre-prints from Raining Rose add no cost to the run price of their amazing lip balms (I have literally gotten calls at our office from people receiving these items from my clients and asking where they can get more because they are out and now addicted to the quality). And if you check out the Raining Rose graphic site again next week, you will likely see more and different ideas, as Raining Rose constantly updates their backdrop themes based on holidays, seasons, and events.

Currently what is hot is Back-to-School and Halloween, but there are also smart ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness (October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and weddings. For an EQP around $0.90 for Raining Rose Premium Lip Balm – featuring ingredients like organic palm oil, beeswax, organic extra virgin olive oil, flavor or essential oil, organic hemp seed oil, vitamin E, and rosemary extract – these items are very popular giveaways for nearly any event.

FYI, fully custom, full color artwork wraps available on Raining Rose lip balms also make them a great platform to reprint your entire business card contact information. This idea has been popular with real estate agents, insurance brokers, and fitness trainers. Or do a ‘follow me’ theme for social media buffs.  Or simply add your contact information to one of the many great and often changing pre-printed designs.

As always, if you are ASI, PPAI or SAGE and want samples of  Raining Rose products just ask Lisa Waggoner. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

Leeds Green Grass Collection Supports American Forests®

13 Sep

By the end of 2010, American Forests® will have planted over 35 million trees in projects across the United States and internationally. Their goal is to plant 100 million trees by 2020.

Each item sold in the Green Grass Collection from Leeds will generate funds to support that goal. For example for every Green Grass Aluminum Bottle sold through December 31, 2011, 10% of the sales revenue will go to American Forests®.

Like all pre-prints programs the Green Grass Collection from Leeds allows more bang for the buck by supplying pre-designed artwork to which a company simply adds its logo.

The fact that sales of these items supports such a worthwhile goal is certainly a bonus.

The depth of the Green Grass Collection is also of value to the client because with so many items available it is easy to mix and match ideas to support a single goal or marketing plan.

For example, if targeting young adults, think about bundling the Green Grass Aluminum Bottle with the Green Grass Laminated Non-Woven Inspire Lunch Bag.

Going after a more professional audience? Think about the Green Grass Ceramic Tumbler paired with the Green Grass Journal Book.

Add to these items both a Laminated Non-Woven Large Shopper and Laminated Non-Woven Small Shopper, and there are quite a few combinations possible to meet your marketing needs.

For more information on the Green Grass Collection and the relationship between Leeds and American Forests® contact Mary Beach.

If you are interested in the Green Grass Collection as a marketing idea for your own organization, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

Billboards Recycled into Bags

4 Aug

Here is a stunningly good idea from Landes, a market leader in custom promotional bags.

Each year organizations spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours working out that perfect billboard pitch for a new product, new art exhibit at the museum, or Saturday evening rock concert. All that work goes into designing and printing billboard signage that has maybe three or four months of useful life before it is replaced.

So what to do with that beautiful signage once the event is over? Why not recycle the material into bags? The Billboard Bag series for Landes does just that.

Currently there are 10 products in the line, like the Large Grocery Billboard Tote (each bag requires approx. 6.5 sq.ft. of recycled material) and the small Billboard Check Book Cover (requires 0.78 sq.ft. of recycled material).

The full list is the Billboard Amenity Kit, Billboard Cooler, Billboard Bank Deposit Bag, Check Book Cover, Safari Pouch, Billboard Duffel, Deluxe Billboard Messenger, Structured Billboard Tote, Large Grocery Billboard Tote, and Billboard Messenger Bag.

I think these recycled bags are most powerful when paired with one time events. Imagine bags made from billboards touting the NBA finals or Daytona 500. Imagine bags from billboards used to welcome home the troops, with those same bags then used in fundraising events for those same soldiers.

These bags are all custom, one of a kind units, made in the USA. They are very durable, resistant to aging and fading  as the billboard material is designed to withstand hurricanes, hail, sun, etc., on the freeway. It is next to impossible to get two bags exactly the same even when using multiples of the same source billboards, so each unit is truly unique.

Prices run EQP $22.36 for the largest, the Billboard Duffel, to around $3.65 for the smallest, the Billboard Check Book Covers.

Think about it. A new life for all those billboards on the L.A. Freeway, and elsewhere. What an idea. The possibilities are truly amazing.

If you are in the business and want more information on the Billboard Bags from Landes contact Junior Abajuo. If you are interested in Billboard Bags to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

Debco’s Bold PET Tote Bag

18 Jul

Nothing seems to work better for eco-friendly marketing than a big eco message. Debco takes that idea and runs with it, boldly proclaiming I USED TO BE A PLASTIC WATER BOTTLE on the front and GET INTO THE GREEN SCENE on the gusset of the RE6944 Pre-Printed Jumbo Grocery Tote.

With an additional 9in x 9in print area for the client’s custom logo or message, the RE6944 is another example of the more bang for your buck family of pre-printed bags which we are seeing more and more of in our industry.

Why is this a green bag? The RE6944 Pre-Printed Jumbo Grocery Tote is made from Polyethylene Terephalate, commonly referred to as PET. The PET used by Debco is 85% post-consumer recyclable plastic, mainly sourced from recycled plastic bottles. Debco use SGS certification and all totes come with a hangtag listing their environmental message for the end-user. The RE6944 Pre-Printed Jumbo Grocery Tote has an EQP of $3.25.

These very colorful, very visual bags are a great idea for any marketing pitch aimed at green enthusiasts. At 14in x 16in x 7.75in (gusset) the RE6944 Pre-Printed Jumbo Grocery Tote is a big bag suitable for farmers markets, convention centers, seminars, and event marketing.

If you are a promotional items distributor looking for more information contact Jeremy Rich at Debco. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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