The Future is Green

8 Jun

Atlantis Headwear is making a big push into the sustainable market.

The collection link is to their stock, ready to order headwear, however, Atlantis is best know for their 100% custom headwear designs. Bill, back, buckle, interior, sandwich, webbing, 3-D puff, debossing, PMS color match, etc., really if you can design it Atlantis Headwear can make it. Contact us to learn more about 100% custom designs.

“We walk our sustainable talk. Join us and go green with our 2022 collection, created to support a healthier, more renewable planet”, Atlantis marketing.

Three of their most popular items are show below, and the full collection can be seen at

Yes, they are doing that weird thing where they are introducing sustainable products, so the pictures are greens or browns, but take a look that their website. All of the 17 basic models offered come in a variety of colors.

The variety and creativity of Atlantis means you can move your cap game to sustainable solutions, without any sacrifice in style. And, because this is Atlantis, likely a nice jump in quality.

If you are interested in this product to promote your own business, or if you wish to see some samples, email for information and pricing.

And as always, if you really want to do something sustainable, do not buy promotional products. All products are consumption at one level or another. So if you must buy, 1) Buy local (i.e. made in USA), 2) Buy useful, long lasting items, 3) Buy sustainable/recycled/recyclable products if possible.

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