Farina – Wheat Plastic Pen

26 Jan

Wheat straw plastic is the latest eco friendly material and is a smart, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. It is a premium food grade material and is completely BPA free and has FDA approval. The impact of regular plastic on the environment is devastating, and wheat straw plastic is an awesome alternative.

Looking for a more sustainable pen with great design and a nice color pop? Take a look at the Farina Wheat Plastic Pen from GoldStar.

What grabbed our eye in regard to the Farina Wheat Plastic Pen was the colors. Rich neons in pink, purple, yellow, green, and sky blue. This is a nice change from other sustainable pen varieties that are often just a recycled black or dark green material.

A few notes on Wheat Plastic. Wheat Plastic is entirely biodegradable; it will take 3 to 6 months to turn to compost in your home compost and only 1 to 2 months in a local municipal compost facility. Wheat Plastic It is a premium food grade material and is completely BPA free and has FDA approval. Wheat plastic is a by-product of wheat production, namely wheat straw. It has many applications like wheat straw food containers, wheat straw drinking straws, wheat straw plastic plates, and reusable coffee cups More on Wheat Plastic here.

From the manufacturer, “One of the new eco-friendly items in the Eco-Minded product line, the barrel and trim of this lightweight plastic pen is made with 35% reclaimed wheat straw. It features a natural wheat color barrel with light brown colored flecks, and has a unique texturized thumbprint grip. A great item for any organization looking for an eco-conscious promotional product.”

The Farina Wheat Plastic Pen has a good size 1.4″w x 0.276″ h imprint area, and the imprint itself is full color (CMYK).

All-in-all the Farina Wheat Plastic Pen is a great sustainable pen alternate to consider for your next marking project.

If you are interested in these products to promote your own business, or if you wish to see some samples, email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

And as always, if you really want to do something sustainable, do not buy promotional products. All products are consumption at one level or another. So if you must buy, 1) Buy local (i.e. made in USA), 2) Buy useful, long lasting items, 3) Buy sustainable/recycled/recyclable products if possible.

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