Remember Me Green

30 Mar

Recycled from NY Signage.

Remember Me Green is turning New York City billboards into some great looking bags.

“New York is a city with a vibrant energy, and with our billboard products you get to add your unique vibe to it. A diversity of people contribute to NYC’s lifeforce, and RMG has kept that in mind. We’ve created a product line that speak to people who don’t want to just carry a bag, they want to carry a message.

Green fashion is our priority here at RMG. You can rock some eco-friendly accessories with our re-purposed vinyl bags, made from billboards found throughout New York City. Billboards are made of a large amount of vinyl that would normally just be tossed away. By carrying one of our bags, you play a role in the solution to pollution all while looking fabulous.

Every item we create is one-of-a kind, every piece has its own heartbeat. For the gal on the go we’ve got billboard bags available in versatile styles and sizes. If you’re headed out for a wine night, there’s our line of upcycled wine bags. Or if you like to garden at home, you can grow green with our line of re-purposed garden bags. We believe in individuality, green fashion, and style.”

This is an idea that can be done for any city, sport center, or university, that wishes to turn their used banners and signage into promotional items. The idea has been around for nearly a decade now, so if you are a visitor’s center or tourist board looking for a great ideas, give a ring to discuss second life promotional billboard bags.

If you are interested in the billboard bags to promote your own business, or to get a sample, email for information and pricing.

And as always, if you really want to do something sustainable, do not buy promotional products. All products are consumption at one level or another. So if you must buy, 1) Buy local (i.e. made in USA), 2) Buy useful, long lasting items, 3) Buy sustainable/recycled/recyclable products if possible.

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