Laminated Non-Woven Brown Baggin’ It Lunch Bag

20 Feb
Exclusive Design

Exclusive Design

The Laminated Non-Woven Brown Baggin’ It Lunch Bag from LEEDs is another fun concept bag made from non-woven poly, so we are talking about recycled water bottles, yogurt containers, that sort of thing.

Now don’t start thinking this is a material that the factory is making, it is not. It is material they are buying, LEEDs just happens to use it to make these cute little bags, other manufacturers use it for other things.

In recent years, nonwovens have become an alternative to polyurethane foam. Typically, a certain percentage of recycled fabrics and oil-based materials are used in nonwoven fabrics. The percentage of recycled fabrics vary based upon the strength of material needed for the specific use. In addition, some nonwoven fabrics can be recycled after use, given the proper treatment and facilities. For this reason, some consider nonwovens a more ecological fabric for certain applications, especially in fields and industries where disposable or single use products are important, such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes and luxury accommodations. (*)

For marketing purposes, the Laminated Non-Woven Brown Baggin’ It Lunch Bag is a great lunch bag, with that nostalgic look of the old paper bag, but all the modern comforts, and details.

This is how the manufacturer describes it. “Unique brown paper lunch-bag style reminiscent of your school cafeteria days. Main compartment with roll top and Velcro closure. Open front pocket. Laminated material is water-resistant and easily wipes clean. Contrast carry handle with 5″ drop height. Insulated with heat-sealed water-resistant lining.”

We like these bags for schools and colleges, but also for corporate team building events, and wellness programs. Also they are great give-aways for food, beverage, and catering companies.

The Laminated Non-Woven Brown Baggin’ It Lunch Bag is CPSIA complaint (actually a long list of items from LEEDs are CPSIA complaint), so again, good for kids and school programs.

The bag comes as shown with a lot of pre-printed artwork. The imprint art for your additional custom artwork is centered on front pocket at 4.00″ H x 4.00″ W.  The overall size of the bag is 11″ H X 5″ W X 7.5″ L.

If you are interested in the Laminated Non-Woven Brown Baggin’ It Lunch Bag to promote own business, or to get a sample, email for information and pricing.

And as always, if you really want to do something sustainable, do not buy promotional products. All products are consumption at one level or another. So if you must buy, 1) Buy local (i.e. made in USA), 2) Buy useful, long lasting items, 3) Buy sustainable if possible.

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