Night lights: The Next Green Promo Great Idea?

8 Feb
Genuine Limelites® • Limelite – the “high tech” night light • Patented Electroluminescent Technology • Safe . . . no heat, totally cool to the touch • Costs less than 3¢/year to operate • Contemporary design . . .less than 1/4″ thick • Available in Blue and Green • LIFETIME GUARANTEE! • Made in the USA

Genuine Limelites® Limelite – the “high tech” night light. Patented Electroluminescent Technology. Safe . . . no heat, totally cool to the touch. Costs less than 3¢/year to operate. Contemporary design . . .less than 1/4″ thick. LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Made in the USA

Research by Sunbeam Hospitality and Andis Corporation shows that about 45% of hotel guests leave the bathroom light on as a night light while they sleep. Indeed night lights are so important to travelers that since 2003 the American Automobile Association TourBook includes the availability of night lights in their reviews of hotels.

Why? Perhaps because the National Safety Council reports that most accidents occur in the bathroom, and that poor lighting is the 6th leading cause pf accidents in the home and a major contributor to hotel room accidents. It seems that people just feel better sleeping with a light on.

But all those lights can mean a lot of wasted electricity. Green Suites estimated that night lights in rooms are actually a huge energy saver as over 40% of travelers without access to a night light leave bathroom lights on as a night light, consuming over $50 in energy annually per room.

As far back as 1999, researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Lighting Research Group Lab conducted a Department of Energy-funded study to search for ways of improving energy efficiency in the hospitality industry. According to Berkeley Lab lighting researcher Michael Siminovitch, “More than 75 percent of the energy used [by room] fixtures occurs when they are left on for more than two hours at a time.” The study showed that bathroom lights are activated for the longest periods of time in occupied hotel rooms — an average of eight hours, compared with less than five hours for bedroom lights, and two hours for desk lights.

So what does all this tell us in marketing? I think two things. One, people want a light at night and in the absence of a good night light solution many people will waste a lot of electricity keeping a bathroom light on. Two, if an marketer can provide a good night light solution – in the form of a promo item – it is an opportunity for them to get their message in front of a lot of people.

I think the idea of these nightlights as little billboards is the best way to approach them as a promotional item. Travelers will love them and if your business focuses on the travel or hospitality industry the ADLite as a promotional item is nearly a no-brainer as a way to keep you message in front of your audience. Even perhaps as a little “Welcome to {insert hotel/event/conference/tradeshow name here}” sign to greet guests.

In addition these lights are great for in home use, which makes them perfect for the all night sub shop on the corner, the pediatrician’s office emergency number, or any other organization looking for a simple and useful giveaway item for their customers that also happens to let their clients lower their carbon foot print. And their energy bills.

If you are interested in custom nightlights to promote your own business, contact us via email at for information and pricing.

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