Vita Laminated Recycled Shopper

5 Jan

z2_1697The Vita Laminated Recycled Shopper from Gemline are still one of the most popular recycled bags on the market. Since we last mentioned Laminated Recycled Shopper bags in 2010, Gemline has continued to add pre-printed designs to this line, and with the Fall 2015 additions, there are now eight unique designs to choose from.

The popularity of this new Vita Laminated Recycled Shopper  bags rests in the pre-printed art and messaging, with statements like “I used to be a water bottle” and “100% recycled” worked into the design.

Each bag is indeed made from a laminated 100% Recycled PET fabric, estimated to keep about the equivalent of three water bottles worth of plastic out of the landfill.

All bags are the same size with a 13″L 15″H 8″W main compartment and generous gusset for maximum capacity. They all feature 23.5″ shoulder straps and are kid-friendly/CPSIA compliant.

The following video from Gemline gives you an idea of how big and bold these bags really are, and what can be achieved by simply adding client artwork to the pre-existing motifs.

If you are interested in these bags to promote your business, contact Proforma Green Marketing or email for information and pricing

And as always, if you really want to do something sustainable, do not buy promotional products. All products are consumption at one level or another. So if you must buy 1) Buy local (i.e. made in USA), 2) Buy useful, long lasting items, 3) Buy sustainable if possible.

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