Rustico Made in the USA

10 Mar
TOMS Shoes recently launched a branded journal built upon Rustico Leather’s Small Writer’s Log.

TOMS Shoes recently launched a branded journal built upon Rustico Leather’s Small Writer’s Log.

ASI Dallas was the first time I had seen Rustico leather products. Let me tell you they are amazing and I can see why they keep winning awards for their artisan-based, fully custom, handmade in the USA product line (and yes they even hand-make the paper in the journals).

And if your products are requested to be designed for a movie about Abraham Lincoln. Well that is just cool. (No the other movie about Lincoln)

“Over the years Rustico has taken on some pretty unique custom pieces for the film and entertainment industry. Perhaps, none as hauntingly mysterious as this custom leather journal produced for the 2012 American action fantasy horror film, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. If you haven’t seen the movie by now or read the mashup novel by the same name, the real-life figure Abraham Lincoln is portrayed in as having a secret identity as a vampire hunter. For the film promotion, Rustico was commissioned to create a leather journal with the movie logo embossed on the front and a secret chamber for a silver bullet on the inside. The ultimate weapon against vampires!  If you’re looking for a custom piece for your organization, corporation or event please consider Rustico. We specialize in designing and creating custom leather pieces that fit your needs. Click here to view more custom pieces at our website or call 1.866.426.4957 for more information.”


If you are looking for more information on Rustico call the number in the paragraph above or visit their website. If you are interested in these custom items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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