ANJ Bamboo Cutting Boards

5 Feb

picSpec  samples are often offered to folks in the marketing field. It seems that ANJ Logos out of Sarasota Florida is building their whole marketing plan around this idea. And I am not complaining.

Rarely are spec samples the quality of the bamboo cutting boards sent by ANJ. You can see why ANJ is an ASI two-time Winner of Best Green Product, both at the ASI Show Chicago 2010 and ASI Show Orlando 2011. But the genius part is ANJ took the time to look at my email signature and add that to the back of the sample.

With my name on the board, they are producing not just a sample, but a sales tool for me, indeed a cutting board is a lot harder to lose than a business card. Prospects and clients love samples and now they know exactly who gave this one to them. Also I can suggest to my clients the same idea. Two location imprinting means clients can place their contact information on these boards, without distracting from their main art or logo.

But let’s talk about the boards themselves.

The material first. Bamboo is considered a sustainable material because of how it is grown and harvested. Basically it is a grass yet people treat it like a old growth hardwood, by which I mean bamboo has a very high perceived value.

The item second. Cutting boards most often end up in a client’s home, in the kitchen, so exactly where you want your message to be, making sure that your audience interacts with you every day.

The samples size sent are great for beverage companies, because they are the perfect size to use when cutting up lemons, limes, and other garnishes. Also a good size for spa gifts (fancy soap tray) and hotel suites. Something to grab when you do not need a big board. For those in the kitchen related industries, I say go big, get a board large enough for everyday use.

photo1So sustainable, practical, useful, long lasting, the ANJ bamboo cutting board has got it all.

If you are an ASI distributor, for your own perfect samples visit ANJ on line at or email them at

If you are interested in Bamboo Cutting Boards for your own business promotions, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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