HydroPouch!™ for the Holidays?

27 Nov

With a color change to red or green, the HydroPouch!™ 24 oz. Hockey Puck Collapsible Water Bottle is not to far from looking like a holiday ornament.

Ok, we all know that the HydroPouch!™, the go anywhere, reusable, BPA-free, sports theme, folding bottle line from Jetline, has been a runaway hit this year. And why not, it is a great reusable item, great for travel, great for youth sports, and Jetline keeps adding new themes, basketball, hockey, football, baseball, tennis, they just keep coming.

But something is missing. Notice that aside from the Football HydroPouch!™ and one or two others, nearly all HydroPouch!™ items are round in their basic shape.

The holidays, round things, thinking, thinking… oh yes. Jetline where is the holiday ornament theme HydroPouch!™? Can we get that pretty please?

We know other companies are having a fun time with holiday pre-prints, like Raining Rose and The Express Line. I think Jetline should think about offering the same idea in the HydroPouch!™ line. Take a circle pouch pattern and give us a few holiday ornament themes to work with.

The thing is I have played with the HydroPouch!™. These BPA-free folding water bottles are durable. Also they can hold cold just fine. Indeed a bar client we have asked about using them to serve their signature frozen margarita (with straw) on game days. (The idea was the HydroPouch!™ would go home with the guest as a souvenir of the big game). Point is we froze these guys with margaritas in them and the idea worked.

A holiday theme HydroPouch!™ would of coarse work great for the kiddo holiday events, but I really am wondering how a HydroPouch!™ holiday ornament might work with spiked eggnog.

It is just a little over 30 days to New Year’s Eve gift bags. Jetline, how about designing a holiday HydroPouch!™. Please?

If you are ASI contact  Alex Skorupsky at Jetline to learn more about the HydroPouch!™ line. If you are interested in the HydroPouch! line for your own league or team, contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

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