Gemline Now Carries Bobble

12 Nov

1 filter = 300 water bottles

From the Bobble website, “The mere fact of bottled water is itself a funny thing. Clean, serviceable tap water flows directly into the majority of the world’s homes in industrialized nations. While of varying quality, it is free and widely available. Yet this resource goes largely untapped”.

From this simple statement,  Bobble has moved forward since 2008 to built a worldwide retail brand that is recognized for both quality and style. Starting in their 2013 line, and ready right now for holiday orders, Gemline is now offering exclusively for our industry, branded BPA-FREE Bobble bottle reusable drinkware.

Available in eight colors, the Bobble 18.5 oz Filtered Water Bottle from Gemline offers a standard black or white ink only imprint on the band of 1.25in x 1in.

These are exactly the same bottles that are sold in their retail line except with the added vantage of your company’s message or logo. The Bobble replaceable carbon filter easily removes chlorine & organic contaminants from municipal tap water, with one filter good for 300 refills.

When thinking about reusable drinkware Bobble is a great name for marketing because it is a global brand with a strong sustainable reputation, and also the end-user can take your bottle with your brand message and simply replace the filter online or at any one of hundreds of retail establishments carrying the Bobble line. This ease of replacing the filter means the bottle will last longer in the hands of your target audience, which translates to your brand also lasting longer in the hands for your target audience.

So the end result is a long-lasting bottle, with the great sustainability reputation, that is constantly promoting your brand to your target audience. The Bobble bottle is a slam dunk for programs targeting schools, spas, fitness centers, or health care. And because of the retail brand appeal it is a great idea for programs promoting active life-styles in the 20-40 age bracket.

If you are ASI and wish to learn more about branding the Bobble line contact Andrea Catalano at Gemline. If you are interested in Bobble bottles to promote your own business, or as end of year gift idea, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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