100% Recycled Content / 100% Custom Visors

21 Sep

Visor Front View

Our office has been working with Buck Hogle and the design team over at Headwear USA a lot this year, developing custom caps for specific client projects.

With the rise of the simple ball caps in our society from basic cap to fashion staple, marketers need to do more than just slap a logo on a lid and call it a day. Caps need to be more dynamic and more tied to the complete marketing story to be effective.

For example, when developing the visors for the 2012 ECOFEST, Headwear USA helped our office come up with an idea that worked with the event’s theme of sustainability, education, and fun.

Visor Interior and Back Fastener

First off, the visors are made from 100% recycled fabric (rPET). With the interior of the visors carrying the message, I used to be a water bottle.

That declarative statement points out the recycled nature of the visor (a visor is about 3 water bottles worth of plastic) and more importantly gives Ecofest a simple yet practical example of the recycling in practice, i.e bottle to visors.

For the retail look Headwear USA also did an outstanding job of reproducing the turtle and globe Ecofest logo as a blended imprint on both the visor band and bill, providing an overall larger imprint area.

Sandwich With Website

To complete the look, in addition to the “I used to be a water bottle” message on the interior, the event website was added to white area of the cap’s bill and “I’m Sustainable” message placed on back fastener.

The overall impact is a great looking visor, tied to the event’s message and visual brand.

If you are an ASI distributor looking for sustainable cap solutions talk to Buck Hogle at Headwear USA. If you are interested in getting sustainable caps for your company or event, contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

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