Destinations Travel Kit – 100% Recycled PET Fabric

3 Sep

Destinations Travel kit

The Destinations Travel Kit from Gemline is another example of how sustainable materials are going more and more mainstream in the promotional products industry.

To wit, it does not look like it is made from rPET (old water bottles, etc.) and Gemline does not make the fact it is made from 100% recycled material central to their overview video.

Instead of the sustainable flag flying like mad in the video, the focus – which I believe is correct – is on the design and usability of the Destinations Travel Kit. I mean take a look, the design is great, right down to labeling of the individual pockets in the kit (passport, travel documents, local currency, home currency, and credit cards) so that users can get that much more organized.

And of course using a more usable travel tool, like the Destinations Travel Kit, in your marketing campaign means this item – and therefore your brand and message – will stay with your target audience longer. Give people something they find useful, and they hang on to it. Promo school 101.

Indeed my only complaint is that the Destinations Travel Kit currently only comes in one color. I would love it if Gemline took this item color crazy like they did for the Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper.

However, unlike the Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper, if you want or need your audience to know the Destinations Travel Kit is made of recycled materials, you are going to have to tell them, adding the message to your artwork, something. Because without a message saying hey I am recycled, people are going to think that the Destinations Travel Kit is just a heck of a great travel tool.


If you are ASI and wish to learn more about Gemline and their complete line of 100% recycled products contact Andrea Catalano. If you are interested in the Destinations Travel Kit to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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