Cotton Tees Without Dye

27 Jul

Anvil Natural Pre-shrunk 5.0 oz. 100% Organic Cotton Tee

As the summer event season is in full swing, our office is receiving many requests for event tee shirts. A lot of folks want sustainable alternatives although many planners are disappointed when they find out the cost of bamboo or recycled or organic content tee shirts. They are also disappointed by the fact that most of these shirts are made overseas – although printed in the USA.

When considering sustainable tees planners often get blinded by content, stressing the recycled cotton or recycled water bottle (rPET) / organic cotton blends. But there is another option I urge folks to consider, and that is the option of non-dyed tee shirts.

The fact is all cotton tee shirts are plant material, that means they are biodegradable (it is just cotton people, and FYI a recycled content rPET tee shirt is recycled plastic, so what happens to rPET once the tee shirt hits the landfill?).

A cotton shirt without dyes is a cotton shirt that skipped perhaps one of the most polluting aspects involved in processing cotton. In our industry these shirts are often called natural tees, and nearly every manufacturer offers the natural tee option in their line, whether the shirts are of sustainable materials or not. (Take a look at Anvil’s impressive sustainable line and see if you can spot all nine natural options.)

Even better may I suggest a natural cotton tee shirt, Made in the USA, for use in the USA. No dyes and less of a carbon footprint, as there is no overseas shipment of goods to the US. American Apparel, Anvil, UltraClub Collection by Bodek and Rhodes, and other manufactures are producing made in the USA tee shirts, many of which have the natural option.

Additionally it costs money to dye shirts so non-dyed natural shirts are often a little less expensive than dyed shirts of the same model. A non-dyed tee tends to have a parchment like color which does age with time and wear.

So if you are looking for a sustainable tee option, consider the 100% cotton natural tee shirt, and if possible buy local, i.e. USA Made. The planet and your wallet may both thank you.

If you are in the business and need more information on natural tee shirts please contact the manufacturers mentioned. If you are interested in natural tee shirts to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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