USA Made Eco-friendly Advertising Mint Boxes

17 Jul

AB25 – Recyclable Boxes Candy or Gum

Admints & Zagabor has a new video out on their USA Advertising Mint Boxes. I might not go along with the announcer that these are “simply the best value of any product in the promotional products industry”, but hey I will take their word for it until someone shows me different.

Full color printing on all sides, scratch-off buttons, QR code placements, all at a price under a buck…what’s not to like about these magic little boxes.

Add to the quality imprint, quality candies (yes, you do want to ask for samples), plus USA manufacturing, sustainable ink imprinting, and a “biodegradable/recyclable” box (it’s paper people), what is not to love.


Tin options available in this item and fills include a bunch of options like Cinnamon Red Hots, Spearmints, Signature Peppermints, Jelly Beans, Gum, Chocolate Littles (M&M-type candy), Sugar-Free Mints, Candy Stars, Candy Hearts, Mini-Tarts, or Colored Bullet Candy.

Admints & Zagabor started with the creation of the Advertising Mint Box, and they are a leader in the field of fine food gifts and promotional items. The mint box continually delivers one of the single best values of all candy and mint products in the marketplace.  If you are in the business and need more information Brett Hersh is the contact to talk to at Admints. If you are interested in custom candy solutions to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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