Mini-Mate Color Band Recycled Notepad

12 Jun


The Mini-Mate Color Band Recycled Notepad by Sweda USA brings a bit of flare and a stripe of color to create a good-looking 100% recycled content 4”h x 4-1/2”w x 3/4” digest size notebook. This notebook is an example of what Sweda has done lately, adding more colors to their entire line, updating product ideas, and redoing their website for easier use. I encourage folks to go check out the new website,

The Mini-Mate Color Band Recycled Notepad is another example from Sweda USA of what would have been a very basic pad if not for the simple added touches they use to make the item more expressive, such as the much wider than normal band closure on the journal, and the use of a tag along recycled mini ball point pen on steel chain. The journal contains 70 pages of 100% recycled content paper.

This is a great little idea for summer classes at the nature center, it is also pretty enough to work as a retail item at the nature center’s gift shop. With accent choices of Black, Blue, Red, and Green, the Mini-Mated Color Band Recycled Notepad can be paired in some combination to work with most client logos.

If you are a distributor and want more information on the Mini-Mate Color Band Recycled Notepad from Sweda, contact Lakisha Higgins, Sweda Strategic Accounts. If you would like to purchase this item for your own business please contact your local promotional items provider or email for pricing and samples.

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