Collapsible Party Cooler

28 May

It is Memorial Day here in the U.S., which means a lot of family gathering, the first big push to the lake, to the beach, basically the kick-off of summer. And as you visit the lake this year you see a heck of a lot of cheap Styrofoam coolers. It is interesting to reflect that there has been a strong movement to reusable water bottles and bags, but the call for easy to transport, reusable coolers is not something yet on the radar of the collective community.

It think it should be. I think having a reusable, fold away cooler on your boat or tailgate is simply the next step in having a more sustainable – less trash – type of holiday.   And of course for those businesses and marketers looking for a brandable reusable cooler experience to promote their brand, our industry has many ideas to offer. So if you’re looking for a collapsible cooler to place your logo on, here are my three favorites.

For a cooler to be reusable, it first needs to be portable and easy to store. That is going to be the Collapsible Party Cooler by Gemline. This large 28 can capacity cooler has a patent pending for its remarkable collapsible design, which meshes good looks with dependable construction. This 210d polyester strong, 13″Dia. 10.5″H, comes in 5 colors, making it an easy match for your marketing campaign. And the Collapsible Party Cooler can be 100% custom colored if needed via the Gemline Global Solutions program. Check out the video.


KOOZIE® Party Kooler

The KOOZIE® Party Kooler by Norwood is another option to look at for an easy to use and store reusable cooler. This guy works best for patio and tailgating events I think, as all you need is to unzip, open up, and fill with ice. Due to the open in-use design, once filled it really works best if the KOOZIE® Party Kooler can stay in one place. The imprint size on the KOOZIE® Party Kooler is a big, bold 5-1/2″w x 4″h, large enough for school team, hotel name, or product imprints.

Indeed full 4-color imprinting is possible on the  KOOZIE® Party Kooler, allowing say a photo of a Corona six pack to be printed on the cooler with the words “place here” written underneath. Full color printing really helps with a marketer’s options. The nice mix of five bright colors and the attached bottle opener are an nice bonus. To be honest I have used a  KOOZIE® Party Kooler at my own home since the product was launched a few years back. So far it is holding up great, and longevity is certainly a factor to consider in a promotional item purchase.

Neither the Collapsible Party Cooler nor KOOZIE® Party Kooler make any claims to be made of sustainable materials, recyclable, etc. They make it to this blog only because I am saying the Collapsible Party Cooler and  KOOZIE® Party Kooler should be considered a better alternative to Styrofoam, simply because they are reusable.  If you’re looking for a marketing cooler that is itself sustainable, check out the Recycooler.

One basic idea in sustainability is to use less, make less, and consume less. If you can use one cooler year after year then that is better than a string of busted up styrofoam coolers floating in the lake. And if as a marketer you can get into your clients’ boat a reusable cooler with the name of your marina or beer store on it, then that is just smart marketing.

If you are an ASI distributor Andrea Catalano is the contact to talk to at the Gemline and D’Anna Zimmer is the contact at Norwood. If you are interested in the Collapsible Party Cooler or KOOZIE® Party Kooler to promote your own business or event, contact your local promotional items vendor or email me at for information, pricing, and samples.

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