Shepenco Cutting Prices on Sustainable Items for Earth Day

12 Mar

Shepenco Sales for Earth Day events

Another sale priming the pump for Earth Day events. Shepenco has placed four of their best selling sustainable items on sale. They are

The Newsprencils @$.19 (C) – No Screen Charges. “Conservation of our natural resources, along with newly recycled products are an integral part of the Shepenco® business philosophy — your welfare helps protect our welfare. Help safeguard the environment with our NEWSPRENCIL™. Made from 75% recycled newspaper and 25% new paper, five colors to choose from and brass-colored ferrules with green erasers make this an ecological sound investment in our future. Rest assured Shepenco® will continue to be a forerunner in protecting and improving our environment. Easy to sharpen and splinter free.”

The FSC Certified Pencils @$.35 (C) – No Screen Charges. “The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) promotes responsible management of the world’s forests. This is accomplished through development of voluntary, internationally recognized forest management standards. FSC is the most widely recognized global certification program. The FSC certification program supports biodiversity, protection and conservation of forests, ensures long term timber supplies, protects stream sizes, while assuring consideration of long term human benefits. Our pencil products have positive environmental attributes, verified by a global certification system. Shepenco’s® supports sound forest management and environmental responsibility by offering pencils.”

The ECO Pen @$.49 (C) – No Screen Charges. “The very popular ECO™ pen has proven to be a best seller in the eco-friendly market. 100% compostable/biodegradable plant starch material which will degrade in 90 days with only the spring and refill left. Both pens offer large imprint areas.”

The PLA-Pen Tri @$.49 (C) – No Screen Charges. “Looking for a safe, colorful biodegradable pen? We have it in our PLA-Pen TRI™, made of the new PLA material. This environmentally friendly annually renewable material produced from plants, presents a viable alternative to traditional petroleum-based materials.”

If you are an ASI member with questions about Shepenco Joyce Allen is your contact. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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