Recycled Material Caps at ASI Dallas

15 Feb

Design Your Own

When we were at the State Fair of Texas talking about sustainability, it was fun to point out that the rPET caps from USA Headware we were showing were made of the same 100% recycled content rPET materials found in the seats of the Nissan Leaf.

What got our attention at ASI Dallas was that USA Headware can take that same material, and go from the standard – and rather plain – caps we showed at the State Fair, to pretty much any custom cap design that they could have produced using virgin materials.

Take a look at these two videos we shot at the ASI Show at the booth for USA Headware. In one we are talking about sustainable solutions, in the other we are pitching custom caps to a client of ours called the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

Notice the background does not really change. Why? Because it really did not need to change. Virgin polyester from petroleum or non-virgin polyester from old water bottles (i.e. rPET), the point is today it simply does not mater. The caps look the same regardless of source material. The costs on a custom job runs about the same regardless of source material.

So all that really matters now is the client: the company or organization asking for the caps and if, as they are starting their marketing project, they want to think about a more sustainable alternative.

If that company or organization is promoting a sustainable message, they better choose to go with the sustainable cap.


If you are an ASI distributor looking for sustainable cap solutions talk to Buck Hogle at USA Headwear. If you are interested in getting sustainable caps for your company or event, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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