USA Eco-EZ-Tac™ BizCard with Thermo-Strip

9 Feb

USA Eco-EZ-Tac™ BizCard with Thermo-Strip

Energy conservation and sustainable practices are two goals that often go hand-in-hand.  The USA Eco-EZ-Tac™ BizCard with Thermo-Strip from All In One is a Made in the USA product that fits in nicely with any energy savings  program, as it is a simple tool to easily measure temperature in a room.

This is a great promotional item for folks in the heating and air industry as well as a great educational item to be used by cities and energy companies to help their customers maintain their most cost-effective use of energy in their home or office.

The USA Eco-EZ-Tac™ BizCard with Thermo-Strip offers a large 3 1/4”w x 3/4”h imprint area for your companies’, or programs’, logo and contact information. It also provides a write-in area for the user to place their targeted temperature range.

The USA Eco-EZ-Tac™ BizCard can be placed near a thermostat to indicate the current temperature as well as the ideal temperature settings for saving energy and money. This allows you to keep your brand and your message in front of your target audience throughout the year.

If you are an ASI distributor, you can get more information about the USA Eco-EZ-Tac™ BizCard from Marietta Pugliese at All In One. If you are interested in All In One products to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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