Fun Color 60s Theme Pens Made From at Least 30% Post Consumer Waste

4 Feb

Reminiscent of times of THE JerryJimi & Janis, the fun-colored Jerry, Jimi & Janis Stick Pens from Shepenco are listed on their website as a call-back to the way-out 60s, full of vivid colors that tickle the imagination.

Let’s Rock and Roll with our new JIMI™ stick pen. This bold fun design is sure to be the favorite of the Fun Crowd.

Regardless of their nostalgic appeal these pens are a modern example of Shepenco’s growing line of sustainable writing instruments.

The Jerry, Jimi & Janis stick pens are made from at least 30% post consumer waste material. This is a fun, colorful pen, great for recycling education and sustainable businesses that do not want a meek pen to promote themselves.

The new JANIS™ stick pen brings rainbow strokes of colors. Just writing with these stick pens will bring old memories into focus.

Each pen features its own unique blend of colors as well as a large 3/4” x 2″ imprint area that will work well for messaging and logos. All three styles are available as pencils & stick pens. All three styles – pen or pencil – contain at least 30% post consumer waste material.

We love them for all things fun, concerts, music promotions, theme parks, band and bar promotions, cruises, fundraisers, and music festivals.

The new JERRY™ stick pen will bring out that younger you. And if you don’t remember the 60s, well you can start your own new trend.

So if you’re looking for fun pen with a sustainable message, these Jerry, Jimi & Janis stick pens from Shepenco might just be the ticket to see your event “keep on truckin’ along.”

If you are an ASI member with questions about Shepenco Joyce Allen is the Shepenco contact. If you are interested in these items to promote your own business, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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