Best Idea 2012: h2go-v volt

8 Jan

20 oz h2go double wall 18/8 stainless steel water bottle, vacuum insulated with threreaded lid

In the sustainable arena it is generally agreed that for reusable drinkware, stainless steel bottles are safer and easier to maintain than aluminum, plastic, or glass. So the question then becomes, which is the better stainless steel bottle to promote your brand or event?

For 2012 I am voting for the h2go-v volt from Express Line. This 20 oz. double wall 18/8 stainless steel water bottle is vacuum insulated and features a high impact threaded lid. This vacuum insulated bottle keeps cold drinks cold. It also makes for a slightly heavier bottle, which I see as a plus for a promotional item, as the h2go-v volt has a heft to it that conveys value, strength, and quality, all words that most businesses would like to associate with.

To top if off, the Express Line offers the h2go-v volt with an amazingly appealing chrome finish. The chrome finish makes any logo pop brightly and is a much better canvas to your logo than the standard stainless steel natural finished offer on most bottles. But you’re not limited to this wow/bang chrome, indeed the h2go-v volt comes in eight finishes, with bright colors like apple, orange, and fire engine red leading the pack.

Express Line will even add a carabiner to the bottle for $0.50.

The Express Line offers many, many, many stainless steel drinkware options. I think the h2go-v volt beats them all when judged for functionality, classic design, and flat out coolness. The h2go-v volt is really most appreciated in person, when comparing apples-to-apples with another bottle, so I suggest you get your hands on one before doing any bottle buying in 2012.

If you are an ASI distributor Jarel Guerrero is the contact to talk to at Express Line. If you are interested in the h2go-v volt to promote your own business or event, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information, pricing, and samples.

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