2012 Could Be the Year of the QR Code

29 Dec

The QR in QR code stands for QUICK RESPONSE. In 2012 plan on seeing them everywhere because they really do not cost anything.  Think about it, if the content exists online and the code is only a bit of extra ink on your pre-existing product or design, where is the extra cost?

USB Flash Drives are still a great way to transport data, and sending a drive is still much better than sending 40 paper notebooks, etc., of information. But you still have to make the drive. With a QR code you are talking about an addition of ink, and nothing more.

Yes, you can pay for a custom QR code to better match your brand or product – indeed my company sells those custom designed codes – but you don’t need custom designed codes to make QR work for you; you just need pre-existing content, or a way to produce content online to which to link the QR.


An example. (Everyone got your phones ready?) To the right is a QR code to like us on FACEBOOK.

I can print this on caps, on cups, on camper vans, it does not matter. And each time this code is scanned it brings you to our FACEBOOK site.

The practical and sustainable solutions for QRs are huge. A QR code to a .pdf program, like those developed by GOTCHA! Mobile Solutions means you can simply use one banner with a QR code selection at your next trade show event to deliver all your printed material to your clients email in-boxes in a .pdf format. This can happen whether or not your salespeople even interact with the client.

If you are working to be a more sustainable organization, using a QR code in this way at trade shows not only saves you a ton of money on printing but also demonstrates your commitment to sustainable marketing practices (i.e. no trees get hurt).

Okay, delivering sales information might be boring. How about QR at every painting in the Dallas Museum of Art that links to the WIKI page of that artwork or the artist or something the DMA produced itself and already has on its website. Cost to DMA – Zero. Bonus to clueless art buffs – HUGE.

Or take QR Tag2donate or QR Tag2Video solutions also being developed for the promotions industry by GOTCHA! Mobile Solutions. The first gives you a simple clean platform to take donations anywhere and anytime, the second a clean way to access video on the web without having to search it out, great for political poster (see the candidate speak) and product ads (how good does that cleaner really work on pet stains? Scan the code and see.).

Expect QR codes to be used on more items and in more ways in 2012. Expect QR codes everywhere, because QR is coming. They already think it is cool in Hollywood, and this is likely the only thing real you will every see on CSI.


If you are ASI and wish to learn more about QR Codes and Mobile Media contact GOTCHA! Mobile Solutions. If you are interested in QR to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email info@proformagreen.com for information and pricing.

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