Stainless Steel Terra, Give Me Some Of That

17 Oct

Stainless Steel Terra

I have no idea what creativity bug is working over at The Express Line, but I want some of whatever it is they got. A stainless steel Terra mug, are you kidding me, this is brilliant.

The Terra mug is The Express Line version of the paper-cup-shaped-tumbler design double walled ceramic mug that took the industry by storm two years ago. It is basically a copy of the I Am Not a Paper Cup created by artist James Burgess in 2007. The design is now everywhere from Debco to Numo, all good options.

Ok ceramic breaks. So next thing to hit the market where designs like the Cup2Go from The Express Line, basically same idea as Terra, but this time double-walled, BPA-Free plastic, with a screw top lid. This design also spread like wildfire, and again there is a version of this idea from a bunch of folks including Bullet and Jetline

Of course ceramic breaks, but plastic, even PBA-Free plastic breaks down over time. Plastic off gases. Plastic is, well, plastic.

So what does not break and what is not plastic? Steel. Stainless Steel.

So in their third quarter 2011 catalog The Express Line is introducing the SS Terra in 12oz and 16oz, in black matte and stainless steel finish. The SS Terra is vacuum insulated to keep warm drinks warm and cool drinks cool.

I love this idea. And I really love this idea for campers. I am telling you, expect a retail design of SS Terra in an REI store near you soon. Campers can use this design for coffee, but it also will work for soups, it will work as a measuring tool in a cook kit, it will work as a storage container, it will work as a mixing container for energy powders or pancake batter. Since it is stainless steel it will stand up to the trial, plus it will be easy to wash and to take proper care of in camp.

Weekend warrior or long distance trekker, your coffee is ready.

If you are an ASI distributor Jarel Guerrero is the contact to talk to at Express Line. If you are interested in the SS Terra to promote your own business or event, contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information, pricing, and samples.

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