12 Sustainable Women’s Polos from Ash City

24 Aug


Ash City has 12 sustainable polos just for the ladies in their 2011 line. I repeat, 12.

That is huge.

When did this happen? I know when I talked to Chris Clark, VP of Sales for Ash City USA, back in 2009 he told us more sustainable blends and shirt styles were coming from Ash City. But when the heck did they get to 12 ladies cuts just for polos alone?

It may not seem like such a big deal to the reader, but understand most other producers offer maybe three or four sustainable appareal items. Even Anvil, the big player when it comes to tee shirts, only has organic cotton, recycled cotton, and 50% recycled PET, 50% organic cotton conversion materials in their line.

When you are working on a client’s program, choice is huge. Choice is everything, because if the clothing does not work for the client’s brand and identity, does it really mater if it is sustainable?

With more cuts, more blends, more colors, Ash City is bringing choice to sustainable material promotional clothing. And that is a big deal. Here are links to the 12 polos and a video of Chris from 2009.



For more information on the complete Ash City e.c.o. collection contact Chris Clark at Ash City USA. If you are looking to purchase Ash City e.c.o items for your own business contact your local promotional items distributor or  email info@proformagreen.com for samples and pricing.

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