Zorrel Offers Bamboo Charcoal Blended Polo

22 Aug

Z1353 Hastings

Zorrel has been making a big splash in the promotional apparel market for some time now, as the standard stock from Zorrel looks more like something from Nike or Under Armour than your normal promotional apparel. Plus Zorrel will decorate (screen print and embroidery) in factory, which saves both costs and time on getting orders to market.

Next to Ash City, Zorrel is quickly becoming the go-to source for my clients.

But Zorrel never offered sustainable material apparel, which kept Zorrel off this blog. Well that has changed with the introduction of the Z1353 Hastings.

The Hastings is a 70% virgin polyester, 30% bamboo, 5.6 oz/190 GSM polo. The Hastings is currently available in white, tomato (red), and blue. Limited colors, but it is still a very pretty polo that is built to last.

Bamboo gets the sustainable and “eco” nod because it is easier to work with and less water intensive to grow than cotton. Also poly fabrics that claim to be anti-microbial normally have had a chemical treatment applied to the textile or into the fiber itself. With bamboo, fabrics are naturally anti-microbial, requiring no harmful chemicals.

The Hastings is a new shirt for Zorrell, or if not, Zorrell does not themselves consider the Hastings as a sustainable material shirt, because when we talked to their representative in our area about a sustainable line from Zorrel, we were told flatly that “they don’t do that”. Well apparently now they do.

The Hastings polo runs to 4XL, so it goes one size more than sustainable polos from Ash City (but Ash City offers 12 sustainable material polos vs just this one from Zorrel). Normally to get to 4XL a client needs to go back down in quality to a basic organic cotton polo.

Bottom line I like this shirt and I am hoping the success of the Hastings in 2011 will mean more colors, and even more styles using the bamboo material in 2012.

If you are an ASI distributor and want more information on the Hastings, contact Sandy Gray. If you would like to purchase for your own business please contact your local promotional items provider or email info@proformagreen.com for pricing and samples.

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