12 Aug

PVC palm dotted knit, 100% recycled materials, elasticized wrist, large.

The Illinois Glove Company was established in 1919. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

As part of their new line the RECYGLOVE was develop to be a product that could reduce pollution and waste, while utilizing materials that would otherwise be discarded into landfills.

“RECYGLOVE gloves are produced from the excess fabric of newly made clothing and contain minimal or no dyes. Basically Illinois Glove Company is taking scrap material and making it into new gloves.” Recycle and reuse demonstrated in the purest form.

Illinois Glove Company says this manufacturing process saves land, energy and water, which makes sense even if you only consider the energy and waste saved by using discarded materials in favor of new – needing to be made – materials.  By recycling post-industrial fibers,  Illinois Glove Company has “created comfortable, well made, eco-friendly gloves that can be used for a variety of everyday activities at a reasonable price”.

And they work. And they look good. And as a promo item there are a few great ideas here.

Doing a community pickup project? Give gloves from reclaimed content to volunteers– gloves that fit the project at hand, so to speak.

Sell organic or reclaimed material  for the garden? This idea will fit your product and marketing plan like a glove.

Working on a sustainable building project? Use a sustainable glove.

Gloves can be branded in up to three colors via heat transfer. Runs do start high, around 480 pair units. But really, what a great, great idea this is. Planting and building is so often tied so strongly to sustainability. It is great to see that a sustainable glove has arrived.

If you are an ASI distributor and want more information on the RECYGLOVE contact Keith Addis. If you would like to purchase this item for your own business please contact your local promotional items provider or email for pricing and samples.

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