Eco-Friendly Pearl Sports Bottle

13 Jul

27oz Eco-Friendly Pearl Sports Bottle

Bronx based Garyline has developed a new material by combining 95% Post-Consumer Recycled PET with 5% Natural & Renewable PLA. Made of this new material, the 27oz. Eco-Friendly Pearl Sports Bottle from Garyline is being advertised by Garyline as a true 100% Green, Made in the USA sports bottle.

Normally when the promotional items industry is working with plant resins (basically plastics from renewable plants instead of petrochemicals) it is because of the biodegradable properties of these materials.

With the Eco-Friendly Pearl Sports Bottle from Garyline, the use of plant resins seems to have been done for more cosmetic reasons, namely the high quality finish given to the recycled plastic, by adding 5% plant resin. According to the Garyline website “the combination is eco-friendly and gives the bottles a naturally pearlescent shine.”

With another long, hot summer in front of us, it is great to see more options for sustainable and USA Made water bottles. And Garyline is correct, the Eco-Friendly Pearl Sports Bottle does have a shinier look to it than your standard recycled bottle, at least the ones we saw a few years ago.  It seems eco and color are no longer diametrically opposed phrases in our industry.

Yes the Eco-Friendly Pearl Sports Bottle does come in Pearl Green, but the other two colors for this new item are a lovely Pearl Blue (great for summer seaside events) and Pearl Pink (great for healthcare and breast cancer awareness walks).

This BPA-Free bottle is made in the USA and Union printed. They are recommended for hand-wash only. With wrap the Eco-Friendly Pearl Sports Bottle have a great imprint area, covering nearly the complete bottles at 2 1/2″H x 9″W Wrap with 1 1/2″ gap.

So far the Eco-Friendly Pearl Sports Bottle is the only bottle from Garyline using this blended material, however I would certainly like to see more.

If you are a promotional items distributor looking for more information on Garyline items Stu Schoenfeld is your contact at Garyline. If you are interested in Garyline items to promote your own business contact your local promotional items vendor or email for information and pricing.

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